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Show your love from afar with our 2023 updated list of 36 cute LDR gifts. Make their day special now!

gifts for long distance relationship couples

Being in a long-distance relationship does not mean you are off the hook on basic relationship requirements:

  • You still need to plan dates.
  • You still need to make friends with their friends and family.
  • You have to work hard to maintain physical intimacy and excitement in the relationship.
  • And you need awesome long-distance gifts that remind them how much they mean to you.

To help you out, we have compiled a list of the best gifts for long-distance couples.

That way, whether it is for a special occasion or you just want to show them that you miss them, you will have the perfect gift to pass the message.

Best Long-Distance Relationship Gifts For Your Boyfriend

Matching Bracelets or Other Jewelry

matching bracelets

Matching bracelets, or wristbands, are the best LDR gifts for couples since you can wear them everywhere. In the office, at the gym, while showering.

Apart from arm jewelry, you could also get matching rings, engraved necklaces, or any other piece of ornamentation too.

The idea here is to let them have something that you have a matching piece for. That way, he is reminded of the love and bond the two of you share every time he looks at it.

Long-Distance Touch Bracelet Set

This is truly a revolutionary gift that will help you stay emotionally connected with your partner despite the distance. Both you and your long distance partner wear one, and install the Bond Touch app. When you feel you miss them or think about them, you must tap your bracelet, which will light up on your long distance lover’s end. Simple, sweet, and efficient!

Bedroom neon signs

Custom Neon Signs

This will definitely be one of the best gifts your partner would ever get. Bedroom neon signs bring more brightness to your partner’s room while creating a romantic and warm vibe at night even though you are living far away from each other. You could choose any love-related logos for your neon sign, such as hands holding, hug, or kissing. Customized neon signs can symbolize your eternal love for your partner and your shining love story with a unique and simple design.

Long-Distance Connected Lamp

This is a fairly specific product designed for people in long-distance relationships.

Long-distance lamps come as a set of two and are connected remotely via the internet. When one of you touches the lamp, it changes color on both ends. So, you could tap yours when you get home to let him know you arrived safely. Or you could do it to let him know that you are thinking about him with your LDR lamp.

A Nice Wristwatch

When giving gifts to men, you can never go wrong with a nice wristwatch. But what does this even have to do with long-distance relationships? I’m glad you asked!

You can turn it into a super cheesy and romantic gift by including a note that mentions how the watch represents how you think of him all the time. If he loves puns, then he will love the gift.

A Cocktail Kit

Re-kindle the memories of all the “happy hours” you’ve spent with your partner by sending them a cocktail kit! There are plenty of online portals that sell mixing kits and flavors. Send his favorite one and set up a virtual date night. It’ll rejuvenate the spark in your relationship as you sip your favorite drink and let the conversations flow. There are also DIY versions of the kit, making it affordable and enjoyable.

Fun (Online) Games

Missing those lazy, casual conversations on a Sunday morning because your partner is far away? There’s an interesting game to allow you to unwind together after a hectic week and recharge yourself for the week ahead.

Hygge conversation game has hundreds of topics to start those little chats you miss while your partner is away. It is easy to learn, does not have complicated rules to put you off, and gets you those little conversation starters to bond with your partner. It is a Dutch-inspired game focused on nurturing relationships over drinks, board games, or a virtual get-together.

A Cuddle Pillow

If your boyfriend, fiancé, or husband is a real cuddling fan, then he will appreciate these. Make it more interesting by getting one with feminine features with all the curves and bumps so that it feels more realistic. That way, his cuddling needs are met even if his cuddling partner is hundreds or thousands of miles away.

A customized key chain

Custom King Chains

The value of the gift to your boyfriend is never measured by how much money you spend on it, but by how much love and sincerity you convey. Customized key chains from keychains.co are not only affordable but also can meet any of your personalized designing needs. You can choose to print a photo of you and your partner or any special picture for you on the key chain so that whenever he uses the key, he will see your lovely picture and relive the sweet and romantic moment when you stay with each other.

Weekend Duffle Bag

Practical gifts are every bit as sweet as sentimental ones. The weekend duffle bag, in particular, is one of the best long-distance gift ideas.

Just get your partner something high quality and easy to carry around for those regular visits. It doesn’t matter whether they visit every weekend or once every month. 

Printed Pillows With a Special Message

Get him a pillow with a sweet message printed on it. It could be something as simple as an “I love you” script or even a more personalized message. And if you feel like being extra goofy, you could always get him a pillow with your face printed on the case. That way, he always thinks of you when he goes to bed.

A Long-Distance Sex Toy or Game

Long-Distance Sex Toys by Lovense

Intimacy often takes a huge hit when it comes to long-distance relationships. The ensuing frustration could be enough to rock a strongly built relationship foundation. That is why sex gifts for long-distance relationships will never be a bad idea.

You could get each other sex toys to keep things interesting during those steamy calls or video chats. Or you could find a long distance fun game like sexy truth or dare for those virtual date nights.

Adventure Challenge

Being apart for weeks and months (sometimes years!) is difficult enough. You crave to be with your boyfriend every second and keep waiting for the next meeting. But, the moment you meet, you run out of ideas. After the initial hugs, kisses, and catching up, you may find it hard to spend time in a way that makes the meeting memorable.

This is where the Adventures Challenge for couples saves the day! It has adventure cards – each printed with an activity that gets you out of your comfort zone. The catch is you don’t know what’s coming next unless you scratch it. Play along with whatever fate throws at you, and you’ll never forget the time you spent together – be it singing karaoke or bungee jumping off a cliff!

Custom cufflinks are a great gift if your man dresses formally for work. This is a sure-shot way to be close to your man all the time, literally and metaphorically. There are some great customizations on offer to add a personal touch.

You can add a special location, have a name, place, or date engraved, and much more. It can be the date or place you first met, your anniversary or first kiss, a secret naughty acronym only your man will relate to, etc.

Custom Custom Cufflinks

Of course, if you are still unsure about which style your man would prefer, you can also opt for more affordable and fancier custom cufflinks available on BPS.com. You can surprise your partner with the cheapest yet most exquisite cufflinks he will ever use.

A Care Package for Your Long-Distance Boyfriend

care packages for ldr boyfriend

This will be the easiest to execute if you know your boyfriend well enough to choose his favorites. A care package is a collection of your partner’s favorite stuff. It can be a collection of movies, a pack of chocolates, a photo album, a customized diary, flashcards with memorable events, a photo calendar, sports merchandise, or anything else that reminds him of your time together.

Suppose your relationship is relatively new, and you do not know his choices well. In that case, you can go for safe choices such as food items, a grooming kit, and even a hangover recovery kit containing energy bars, water, painkillers, lemon concentrate, etc. If you want to take it up a notch, put in a handwritten note with a personal joke or a cute message to make him smile.

DIY Gifts for your BF

A Mixtape (Or, in This Day and Age, an Online Playlist)

mixtape vinyl

Music has a way of expressing our emotions in better and more powerful ways than we ever could. So why not make him a playlist?

It could be of your favorite songs as a couple so that whenever he listens to them, he is reminded of all the magical times you have had together.

Another great idea is to have a playlist of songs about long-distance relationships as a source of inspiration and remind him that you can also make it as a couple.

DIY Travel Fund Box

Long-distance relationships are difficult to nurture, and the when-are-you-visiting-next question probably has a ubiquitous presence across all your communications. You have to make time, save enough money, and ensure your partner does so too!

This is where sending a Money Box will make things exciting. Though there is a variety of these available online, making one with your hands will add an element of personal touch he craves.

Just take a box big enough to hold the travel money required, wrap it nicely, label it with your location and little milestones leading to it, and you’re done. It is affordable, motivates your boyfriend to keep saving up, and gives him the satisfaction of approaching the goal with each passing day.

Hand-Me-Downs From You

Send him your favorite scarf or that oversized T-shirt that you always wear. And make sure it has your fragrance on it. This super sweet and thoughtful gift will make him feel like you are there with him. If he misses you, then all he has to do is take a whiff, and he is reminded of what he has to look forward to.

A Message in a Bottle

message in a bottle

Letters are ok and all but if you want to switch it up, send them a message in a bottle. This is a cool way to make something simple and traditional a lot more interesting.

The best part is that once they have read your super cheesy letter reminding them how much you love them, they get a new piece of décor for the fireplace or something.

A Ticket to Visit You

If you can afford it, get him the best gift–a chance to see you and hang out in person. This will get you many “thank you” and “I love you” sweet messages from him.

A Gift Card

If you are completely out of gift ideas for your man, a gift card is always a safe choice. There are plenty to choose from, and it can be delivered online, straight into his inbox. Put in a personal message to mention the occasion or just a miss-you note.

A gift card provides him the flexibility to buy what he needs. It can be a store/retailer-specific or a more generic one that is accepted universally. Airbnb gift card is a good option to let your boyfriend know you care and let him buy experiences or discover homestays.

Best Long-Distance Relationship Gifts for Your Girlfriend

A Totwoo Bracelet

You think about your girlfriend hundreds of times a day. There are plenty of apps to chat and connect with her instantly. However, you may not have the time for it, given the busy daily schedule you’re both working with. What better way to remind her you’re thinking about her without making a call or texting? Connected bracelets!

Totwoo long distance bracelets are connected, and the moment you touch the charm of your bracelet, the one on your girl’s piece will light up, telling her you’re thinking of her. There is a dedicated app that will let you exchange surprise messages, create countdown timers for the next important event in your life, and much more.

Matching Coordinate Bracelets

When considering the perfect gift for your long-distance girlfriend, you can never go wrong with jewelry. The coordinate bracelet takes things further by adding sentimental value. You could have them engraved with each other’s coordinates or even with those of a location that means something special to you.

Love Box Messenger

Initially, texting is a lot of fun. However, it gets boring and routine with time, even with the sweetest long distance messages. The long distance Love Box Messenger is perfect for keeping things fun and interesting. It has a big red heart that rotates when your girlfriend gets a message. The message then pops up on the very aesthetically appealing framed screen.

Couples Journal

Journals are a great way to pen down your special moments. Gifting this to your girl will prompt her to write down her special moments when she was with you and about the time she spent away. Whenever you get together, the journal will help you recall the fun times, the difficult ones, and the all the special moments of togetherness you always crave. While waiting for your next meeting, a couples journal will help you recall your story so far, making the meetings even more special.

A Self-Care Package

Just like for men, a self-care package works great for girls. In my experience, girls would likely appreciate a self-care package more than guys. It is a personalized gift pack where you cherry-pick the items your girl would like to have. Assuming you know her well enough, a care pack may include books, posters, merchandise of her favorite celebrities, and much more.

If you are still getting to know her and do not want to risk buying those expensive gifts she may not like, go with a gift card or a pack of her favorite snack. Add a handwritten note to make it more exciting.

Weighted Blankets

Girls love cuddles. Being wrapped up in your arms has to be her favorite place to be, and you can bet she misses this. You can get her a weighted blankie that will feel like she’s in your arms and keep her warm till you can hold her again.

Personalized Face Pillows and Pillowcases

face pillow

“Sweet dreams are made of this… who am I to disagree?” These lyrics best apply here! Resting her face on her favorite picture of you/the both of you, or a pillow with your name or a sweet message would most definitely make her night much better.

Matching Undies

Wearing panties and briefs that remind you of your loved one is super cute and can also be sensual. To make it even more fun, you could plan to wear them on the same day and feel much more connected.

Connected Photo Frames

Photo frames have been around for ages, reminding us of our memories. But technological advancement has given a makeover to traditional photo frames. Now they are digital and connected, allowing you to upload a picture to your partner’s digital picture frame through an app on your phone. Moreover, she has an option to “like” it, of which you’ll be notified instantly. If you are missing her, click a pic and upload it to your girl’s photo frame, and she’ll instantly know where you are and how you feel.

Heart Map

While your hearts are physically separated and crave each other’s company, they still beat as one. What better way to symbolize this than through heart map art? You can put in two or three map locations in a single heart, capturing the places that are special to you.

You can include your present locations and a special place such as your first meeting, first kiss, first holiday, etc. It’ll remind your girl how dearly you miss her and how special she is to you.

Wall Decorations

This borrows from age-old generations but adds a touch of modernism. Do you know how our parents would hang up pictures of their wedding day or family vacations? Well, it serves a purpose. Pictures of your loved one in your home add warmth to it, both for the house and your heart.

Inscribed Mugs


A mug doesn’t necessarily have to show just a plain old picture or a name, thanks to modern technology. Have you seen those heat-sensitive coffee mugs? They seem plain at first but slowly reveal a picture or message once you put something hot in them. You can get her one of these and keep your relationship hot.

Wine Subscriptions and Coffee Deliveries

wine box subscription

The good thing about coffee and wine is that they can be had daily – and here is a groovy way to go about it. Get a coffee brewery/shop she loves to deliver to her workplace a hot mug daily, or every other day, according to what she prefers. You could also send her wine every once in a while with a sweet message.

DIY Gifts for your GF

DIY Anniversary Journal

Time goes by faster than you notice, whether it is with or without your girlfriend. Irrespective of the distance, you make several memories together, and an anniversary journal is a great way to note down the special moments you may want to revisit later.

By decorating and labeling one of your unused diaries as an anniversary journal, you can repurpose it. You can add photographs from your time together, important milestones of your relationship, and anything else you lived through together.

Storytelling Art

Capturing your special moments together and having a way to remember them whenever you want is fulfilling. Print out your special photographs, stick them in a picture book and add some text to remind yourselves about your time together. Keep adding as many pictures as you want, and send the photo album to your girl.

Though options are available online, doing it yourself adds a personal touch and makes your girlfriend feel special. You can even use it as a highlight reel of your time together, with the final picture being your proposal!

A Naughty Card

One of the hardest things about a long-distance relationship is that sharing physical intimacy is nearly impossible.

While this void can be pretty hard to fill, you could spice things up by sending her a naughty little card with a sexy message inside. See our guide to learn how to spice up a long-distance relationship.

This will keep you in her mind and help build up anticipation for the day you meet, which, trust me, can only be a good thing.

Heartbeat Ring

Cuddling up with each other and feeling her heartbeat is probably the thing you crave the most. What if you could feel her heartbeat any time of the day, just at the press of a button? Send her the connected heartbeat rings, and let the magic unfold.

Once connected through a dedicated app, you can send your heartbeat to her just by tapping your ring twice. It can also surprise you by randomly sending your partner’s heartbeat throughout the day.

What gift will you offer to your Long Distance partner?

There are many ways to make your significant other feel extra special, even with long-distance setups. You just have to be creative and not let the separation stop you from being romantic.

With the unique gift ideas highlighted above, you should have more than enough inspiration for many special surprises. The important thing is that you strike the perfect balance between sentiment and usefulness for that romantic, sweet spot.

So, go forth and shop for your long-distance bae. If you have a birthday coming up, make sure to check the long-distance birthday ideas. You would be surprised how big of a difference these gestures make in your relationship.

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