10 Love Songs About Long-Distance Relationships for 2020

Being in a long-distance relationship is like living in an entirely different planet. People in normal relationships don’t seem to get what you are going through. You explain the joys and beautiful moments, and it’s like you are speaking another language. You want to share your struggles, but they cannot relate.

Luckily, musicians seem to get it. There are actually many songs out there about such setups that you and your partner can jam to on your numerous video chats.

Here are 10 best songs that LDR lovers can relate to.

Best LDR Pop Rock Songs

“Hey there Delilah”- Plain White T’s (2004)

This song is about a long distance pair where one is left at home while the other chases stardom. This happens a lot these days but with slight variations. Maybe you left your partner to go pursue a degree abroad. Or maybe your better half got a job offer that they couldn’t refuse in a different state. Whatever the case you will definitely get a serious case of the feels with this one.

“Right here waiting”- Richard Marx (1989)

This powerful ballad is one of the best love songs about long distance relationships of all times. It talks about always being there for each other despite being so far away. It also covers a lot of relatable examples of struggles that other LDR couples face. This will definitely make it easier to deal with the heartache you feel everyday being oceans apart.

“Leaving on a jet plane”- John Denver (1967)

This is one of the most awesome classic rock songs about long distance relationships. It focuses a lot on the constant travelling that happens between couples in these relationships. You are literally always booking flights, taking them or saving up for the next ones. It is a beautiful struggle captured incredibly by Denver’s powerful lyrics. The song also touches on how hard it is to say goodbye which is something you can definitely relate to.

“One call away”- Charlie Puth (2015)

This is one of the more modern options on this hit list but it brings out the beauty of these relationships in a great way. It might be hard to be far away but after all is said and done all you have to do is pick up the phone and you have your support system right there.

“I’m gonna be (500 Miles)”- The Proclaimers (1987)

This super goofy song is actually really deep. He sings about how distance is not a hindrance to their expression of love. I mean he basically vows to walk a hundred miles if it is needed just to be there for his partner. I mean is that isn’t long distance relationship goals then I don’t know what is.

“Here without you”- 3 Doors Down (2002)

This super romantic song is for those times where you really miss your partner and you just want to listen to a song that echoes these mood. It is a really sweet song about how much pain you can be in away from the one you love.

“You are not alone”- Michael Jackson (1995)

Sometimes being in a long distance relationship can make you feel super lonely. You might even get to a point where you don’t see the point of sticking around because it feels like you might as well not be dating. Michael understood this and found the most beautiful way of expressing it and how to deal with it.

Best RnB Rap Songs About Long Distance Relationships

“Love ain’t” – CunninLynguists feat. Tonedeff (2003)

If you are a fan of hip hop and rap then this song will end up being your long distance relationship anthem. It does not specifically talk about dating while far apart but it emphasizes on the fact that love is hard work. And no one understands this better than you in your LDR setup. It also has some pretty awesome lines about how quitting is just not an option which is a mindset every couple dating long distance should have. It definitely deserves the title of being one of the best rap songs about long distance relationships.

“Long distance”- Brandy (2008)

Last but not least is the ultimate long distance relationship anthem. It literally has the name ‘long distance’ as its title. Brandy did a great job with this one highlighting the highs and lows of choosing this life. It is definitely a song you and your partner will love, overplay and massacre during your video chat karaoke dates.

Best Long Distance Relationship Country Songs

“Need you now”- Lady Antebellum (2010)

This is one of those songs that you send to your LDR partner to remind them how much you love them and would want to be with them. With the band’s powerful lyrics and beautiful harmonies, your beau will definitely get the message.

April 16, 2019