How to Spice Up a Long-Distance Relationship: 13 Awesome Tips

Distance Is Not the Only Thing You Have to Worry About

Long-distance relationships are plagued with a lot of challenges. The good news is that if both of you are willing to work on them, it will all be worth it.

One of these curveballs that you will have to deal with is the almost inevitable monotony.

Monotony happens mainly because of two things:

The first is getting used to the routine. You call or text on the same day every day or week. You know exactly when you get to see each other. It gets old pretty fast, and you will get bored.

The second reason is the distance itself. Remember the saying ‘out of sight out of mind’? Yeah, enough said.

13 ways how to keep a long-distance relationship interesting

With boredom looming over your relationship like a dark cloud, you need to do whatever it takes to keep things interesting.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to do anything extreme or too far out of your comfort zone. Sometimes it takes just a few adjustments and simple sacrifices, and you will notice the difference in no time.

Here is how to make long-distance relationships fun.

Unscheduled meetups

With LDRs, it is important to have a visiting schedule. However, if you have the means, then a surprise visit every once in a while will take your relationship to new heights. It is a great way to express the desire to see each other and spend quality time.

Surprise phone calls and texts

If getting that ticket is a little too far out of your budget, then you could always settle for surprise phone calls. Call them at work to remind them how much you love them. Send a flirty text to show that they are on your mind. It might be small acts, but they make all the difference.

Virtual dates

Do not make the rookie LDR mistake of assuming that video chats and air travel sustain these relationships.

It is possible to run it like a normal relationship, including going on dates. All you have to do is be creative. You could do anything from taking a virtual tour of the many famous museums and galleries to going on a virtual reality quest.

Check out this article for the best virtual date ideas.

Watch a movie or series together

Just because you are hundreds or even thousands of miles away from each other doesn’t mean that you and your bae cannot enjoy a fun movie date night. You just have to be creative about it.

This is a fun way for you two to create memories together, hang out, and just spice things up with something different from the routine phone calls and video chats.

Don’t rely on technology only

There is no denying that technology makes things a lot easier and more convenient for long-distance couples. However, it can get a little impersonal with time.

Break the monotony of emails, texts, and voice notes with something more traditionally romantic. Old-school letters are the perfect way to keep things interesting.

Learn something new together

Do not forget that one of the most important aims of being in a relationship is growing together.

The best way how to keep a long-distance relationship exciting is by learning a new skill. That is made a whole lot easier these days with the many online classes available. Whether you want to learn how to bake or speak a new language, do it together, and it should do wonders for your relationship.

Get a hobby

Another reason why long-distance relationships run the risk of growing stale and boring is the lack of individual growth. If your relationship is all you have to focus on, then you will have trouble. To solve this problem, find new interests that will keep you sufficiently preoccupied.

Try a couple’s app

These days, there is an app for anything and making long-distance relationships work is one of the many niches satisfied. There are options for all sorts of things, from messaging and language translation for intercultural relationships to even synchronizing activities for those long-distance hangouts.

To name a few, the LDR apps include:

  • Raft
  • Kindu
  • Pathshare

Thoughtful surprise gifts and treats

You could keep the romance alive by sending each other LDR gifts. There are many different services available that facilitate this where all you need to do is browse their catalogs, pick, and pay.

It could be flowers, little home décor trinkets, a sentimental gift, or whatever else makes them feel special and thought of.

Discuss your plans & dreams

A long-distance relationship will only last if there is a goal in mind. It could be long time plans like whether you will ever live together and your end goal for the relationship. It could also be something short-term, like what to do on your next virtual date, and when the next visit will be.

This helps create the sense that things are moving forward.

Share a naughty photo or two

They say a picture is worth a million words, and this couldn’t be any truer. If you want to spice things up, then you should consider sending a risqué photo. The whole scandalous nature of it all will get that heart racing, which is exactly what you want. Check out our ldr dirty talk examples.


Intimacy takes the biggest hit when it comes to long-distance relationships. It should be very high on your list of priorities when trying to revive the butterflies and excitement.

Sexting is simple and fun and allows you to explore that very important aspect of the relationship despite the physical separation. Just be open about what you are comfortable doing and what you would like to try.

LDR phone and Skype sex

If you are in a long-distance relationship and sexually frustrated, you could also take it a notch higher from the photos and sexting to full-on online intimacy.

Here, one important thing is to ensure that you are both on the same page. The last thing you want is for it to be awkward for either of you.

If you are both game, then do it. Grab your LDR sex toy and have fun! Thanks to the teledildonic technology, you can now have remote sex and feel your partner’s movements and vibrations in real-time.

The new generation of long-distance sex toys allows you to enjoy physical intimacy with your partner even if you live far away from each other.

Go Forth and Give Your Relationship a New Lease on Life

If you feel that you have plateaued in your LDR, then here’s how to keep things interesting in a long-distance relationship.

These tips will also help if you are about to start a long-distance arrangement and you want to avoid this eventuality. 

Just remember that the relationship will only be as fun as you and your partner are willing to make it. Another take-home message is the importance of creativity and spontaneity. That ensures that you do not have time to get bored because you keep switching things up.

I am Jesse, a specialist in long-distance relationships. I have had quite a few great LDR with foreign men. Today I wnat to share what I learned over the years. I hope you will enjoy reading my tips about long distance relationships.

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