9 Long-Distance Relationship Gifts For Your Boyfriend

Yep, you still have to give gifts

One of the most significant challenges of being in a long-distance relationship is the fact that you have to think outside the box to get the same experience normal couples get.

Your dates have to be modified to what can be supported by technology today. You have to get creative in terms of how to maintain physical intimacy and excitement in the relationship. Finally, you need to figure out how to keep giving each other gifts despite the long distance.

With gifts in particular, there are many platforms available that make life that much easier for LDR couples. You could have it delivered overnight from where you are. Or you could even pay and have it delivered from by a vendor near them.

The tricky part is deciding exactly what to get them because the needs in these particular relationships are different. To make life easier for you, here is a list of long-distance relationship gifts for him to show that though you are apart you still think of your beau.

9 LDR gifts your beau will love

Matching jewelry

This could be anything from engraved necklaces to puzzle piece bracelets. The idea here is to let them have something that you have the corresponding piece for. That way every time he looks at it he is reminded of the love and bond that the two of you share.

Long distance connected lamps

This is a fairly specific product designed for people in long distance relationships. They come as a set of two which are connected remotely via the internet. Once one of you taps on the lamp, it changes color on both ends. So you could tap yours when you get home to let him know that you arrived safe. Or you could do it to let him know that you were thinking about him.

Get the lamp here

Cuddle pillows

If your boyfriend, fiancé or husband is a real cuddling fan then he will truly appreciate these. Make it more interesting by getting one that has feminine features with all the curves and bumps to make it feel more realistic. That way, his cuddling needs are met even if his cuddling partner is hundreds or thousands of miles away.

A nice wristwatch

When it comes to giving gifts to men, you can never really go wrong with a nice wristwatch. But what does this even have to do with long distance relationships? I’m glad you asked. You can turn it into a super cheesy and romantic gift by including a note that mentions how the watch is a representation of how you think of him all the time. If he loves puns then he will love the gift.

A mixtape; or in this day and age an online playlist

mixtape vinyl

Music has a way of expressing our emotions in better and more powerful ways than we ever could. So why not make him a playlist? It could be of your favorite songs as a couple so that whenever he listens to them he is reminded of all the magical times you have had together.

Another great idea is to have a playlist of songs about long-distance relationships as a source of inspiration and to remind him that you too can make it as a couple.

Printed pillows with a special message

Get him a pillow with something sweet printed on it. It could be something as simple as an “I love you” script or even a more personalized message. And if you feel like being extra goofy then you could always get him a pillow with your face printed on the case. That way he always thinks of you when he goes to bed.

A message in a bottle

message in a bottle

Letters are ok and all but if you really want to switch it up then send them a message in a bottle. This is a really cool way to make something simple and traditional a lot more interesting. The best part is that once they have read your super cheesy letter reminding them of how much you love them then they get a new piece of décor for the fireplace or something.

Hand-me-downs from you… yes, you read that right

Send him your favorite scarf or that oversized T-shirt that you always wear. And make sure it has your fragrance on it. This is a super sweet and thoughtful gift that will make him feel like you are there with him. If he misses you then all he has to do is take a whiff and he is reminded of what he has to look forward to.

A ticket to come visit

If you can afford it, then get him the best gift of all; a chance to get to see you and hang out in person. This will definitely get you a lot of “thank you” and “I love you messages” from him.

May 18, 2019