8 Great Long-Distance Relationship Gifts for Your Girlfriend

Long distance relationships can be hard. Scratch that. They ARE hard. Not seeing the woman you love over long periods, especially if you were used to seeing them daily, is almost like torture.

Phone calls, texts, and Facetime help, but sometimes you need a physical reminder of her to somehow bridge the distance.

There are many ways to make it feel like your partner is there with you, even though they are states, or even continents away.

Here are some great long-distance relationship gifts for her that can help bring you closer as a couple.

Matching bracelets

matching bracelets

Matching bracelets, or wrist bands, are the best things for couples since you can wear them literally everywhere. In the office, at the gym, while showering… and apart from arm jewelry, you could also get matching rings, or any other piece of ornamentation too. The cool thing is that you can have them engraved with your names, or any other message that would warm her heart and remind her of you.

Wine subscriptions and coffee deliveries

wine box subscription

The good thing about coffee and wine is that they can be had on a daily- and here is a groovy way to go about it. Get a coffee brewery /shop she loves to deliver to her workplace a hot mug daily, or every other day, according to what she prefers. You could also have wine for her once in a while, with a sweet message alongside it too.

Weighted blankets

Girls love cuddles. Being wrapped up in your arms has to be her favorite places to be, and you can bet she misses this. You can get her a weighted blankie that will feel like she’s in someone’s arms, and keep her warm till you can hold her again.

Personalized face pillows and pillowcases

face pillow

“Sweet dreams are made of this… who am I to disagree?” These lyrics best apply here. Resting her face on her favorite picture of you, or even the both of you, or a pillow with your name, or a sweet message, would most definitely make her night much better.

A naughty card

One of the hardest things about a long-distance relationship is the fact that you are not having sex with her anymore, or at all, actually. This void can be pretty hard to fill. You could send her a little naughty card with a sexy message inside. This will keep you in her mind, and also help build up anticipation for the day you meet, which trust me, can only be a good thing.

Matching undies

Wearing a pair of panties and briefs that reminds you of your loved one is super cute, and can also be a bit sensual. To make it even much more fun, you could plan to wear them on the same day, and feel much more connected.

Wall decorations

This is borrowing from age old generations, but adding a touch of modernism to it. You know how our parents would hang up pictures of them on their wedding day, or on vacations? Well, it serves a purpose. Having a picture of your loved one in your home adds a certain warmth to it, both for the house and your heart.

Inscribed mugs


Thanks to modern technology, a mug doesn’t necessarily have to show just a plain old picture or a name. Have you seen the kind of mugs that reveal a picture when you pour a liquid into them? They seem plain at first, but slowly reveal a picture or message once you put anything hot in them. You can get her one of these and keep your relationship heated up.

Wrapping It Up

Picking the right gift for your long-distance partner may not be an easy task. The trick lies in how well you know your girlfriend. Some presents are best for people who are into cuddling, others for ladies who are into wine or coffee.

Pick what you know would excite her, and to make the gift even more heartwarming, surprise her. Have it shipped to her address and have her thinking of you in the middle of the day. Alternatively, Amolatina offers a present delivery feature!

We hope this article has helped you figure out what long distance relationship gifts for her are best. Hugs and cuddles to the both of you!

June 7, 2019