Dirty Talks for Long-Distance Relationships

If you are looking for ideas to keep things interesting while being apart from your partner, sexting is a great way to keep the fire burning. 

If you’ve never sexted before, typing a few juicy lines and hitting “send” will give you a totally new rush of excitement and pleasure.

Dirty talk can potentially make you relax and open up to your partner emotionally and sexually. Communicating your deepest desires and fantasies will bring you closer, despite the distance. 

To stimulate your fantasy or help you surpass your shyness, we have come up with a list of possible sexting ideas and dirty talks you can use to surprise your LDR partner and spice things up in your LDR.

Sweet And (Almost) Innocent Sexts to Send

long distance relationship texting examples
  1. I wish I could jump on the next plane and make you mine.
  2. You are mine, and I can do to you whatever and whenever I please!
  3. I can feel you all over me, crawling under my skin. I am in pain for your pleasure.
  4. I feel like driving to you all night just to get dirty with you all day!
  5. I can’t explain how much I yearn for you right now. I need to feel your lips, your skin, your touch.
  6. You, your kisses, your touches, your scent are all I think about. 
  7. I can’t wait to make you scream my name again.
  8. You stimulate my mind and my body at the same time, and there’s nothing sexier!
  9. Distance is killing me. I need to use your body as soon as possible.
  10. I want to fulfill all your deepest, darkest desires.
  11. You wake up the beast in me.
  12. I dreamt about you last night! Gosh, I need your lips so bad!
  13. I want you to make me yours like only you can!

Get Their Imagination Going

Sweet Innocent Sexts to Send ldr
  1. Which part of my boy do you miss the most today?
  2. I miss feeling your hands (and tongue) all over my body.
  3. I want to kiss every inch of your body right now!
  4. Tell me what you are wearing, and I will tell you what I would do to you.
  5. It’s driving me nuts thinking of all the hot stuff we’re going to do next time we meet.
  6. What would you do if I showed up at your door wearing nothing but a trench coat and my red-hot stilettos?
  7. Distance sucks. It would be so much better to start my day by doing dirty stuff to your body.
  8. I could get on the plane to see you tomorrow night? Without panties..
  9. My biggest fantasy is to get it on in the restroom of a random bar. Can we do that next time?
  10. I got some sexy lingerie to remind you of what you are missing out on. What do you want to see first – red, pink or black?
  11. What would it take for you to fly over, rip my clothes off and mark my body? I desperately need to be yours!
  12. Don’t you think your car is perfect for you to ride me like a rodeo?
  13. What would you do to me if we could be together tonight? Would you make me feel so good I wouldn’t want to leave?
  14. I like how your lips feel against my skin. Your hot breath is giving me goosebumps all over my body. When can we do that again?
  15. I want to give you the pleasure you’ve never felt before in your life. I want you to beg me not to stop.
  16. If I were you, I would clean up my countertops for next weekend. I can’t stop thinking of doing you in the kitchen.

Show Your Raunchy Side

Get Their Imagination Going ldr
  1. You rammed me so hard I could barely catch my breath. I wish you could do that more often. 
  2. I am such a horndog today! My boss is talking to me, and all I can think about is you nude in my shower.
  3. I am dripping just by thinking about all the dirty stuff you could be doing to me right now.
  4. I think of the next time I see you, and I get hard as a rock. 
  5. I can’t leave my desk because I’ve been looking at your pictures and now I have a huge boner!
  6. All I can think about now is eating your soft lips… both sets of them!
  7. No vibrator can come close to how crazy you can make me!
  8. What would you say If I came over this weekend and humped your brains out in the shower?
  9. Why am I sitting at work when I can be home and sitting on your face?

Did you find any of these sexts describing how you currently feel about your long-distance partner?

Have in mind you can use these as long-distance relationship texting tips and examples and work your fantasy to adjust them accordingly. Take it down a notch, or go bolder and steamier. The point is to be playful and show your partner how much you miss them and want them.

I am Jesse, a specialist in long-distance relationships. I have had quite a few great LDR with foreign men. Today I wnat to share what I learned over the years. I hope you will enjoy reading my tips about long distance relationships.

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