Long-Distance Relationship Texting Tips And Examples

Are you in a long-distance relationship and addicted to texting?

Well, if you want to maintain a happy and healthy relationship, we recommend that you find balance in the way you communicate as a long-distance couple.

Everyone who has ever been apart from a loved one over an extended period of time has experienced the difficulties of keeping the fire burning and giving them enough personal space.

Texting seems to be one of the most convenient methods of communication among LDR couples. It’s fast, private, subtle, and most importantly, it’s easily accessible.

It can bring you closer despite the miles in between, but it can also put a lot of strain on the relationship if you overdo it.

That being said, balance is everything, in all relationships and especially in the long-distance ones.

How often should you text in a long-distance relationship?

How often long-distance partners text each other varies from couple to couple. While I can’t say the optimal number of texts you should send a day, I suggest that you text as frequently as it works for you.

You may work from home or have more free time to text, and your long-distance partner may be leading a busier and more active life and can’t be as available as you’d want them to be. Not being able to hit the right moment and share some quality time often leaves couples frustrated and questioning the future of their relationship.

So, one thing is for sure, communication is everything, even when you communicate about the way you stay in touch.

Take a better look at your schedules and work out the best times to slip into each other’s DMs!

Most common problems LDR couples face when communicating with text

ldr texting tip

“My Long-distance partner is bad at texting.”

Do you feel like you can’t understand what your partner is trying to convey through their texts? That is a real problem, especially for first-time LDR couples who are not used to texting as their primary mean of communication.

In such a situation, you must have an open and honest conversation about the things that bother and trigger you. Learn each other’s styles – the way you two use punctuation, emojis, gifs… Notice the pattern in their writing, the phrases they use in certain situations.

Consider these little ‘aids’ your communication’ crutches.’ They represent the body language you don’t see, and we all know how important movement and gestures are when it comes to getting a message across.

If you believe your long-distance partner sucks at texting, don’t just slap them with the truth (or your opinion). It’s better to tell them that there has been a communication gap and try to figure out how to make it work together.

If their sentences seem to be all over the place or sound confusing, ask your partner to be clearer and more focused when texting. But, do it in a way that won’t make them feel inadequate and misunderstood.

After all, the point is to understand each other and not create an even bigger gap.

“My long-distance partner hates texting.”

Let’s face it; not everyone is a fan of texting. Some prefer a voice call or to catch up over video. And there’s not a right or wrong way to go about it. It’s just a matter of preferences.

However, such a mismatch in communication can create a few unwanted issues in a long-distance relationship.

You may prefer to text because it allows you to put your thoughts together in a concise DM that’s easy to understand, and yet it gets the message across. On the other hand, your partner’s go-to means of communication may be a video call.

While it is quite frustrating when you can’t always be on the same page, it’s important to find a way that will work for both partners to stay in touch.

Meet each other halfway. You can agree on video calls regarding certain topics that are better to discuss over the phone and leave texting for other, more casual situations, such as saying “Hi” in the morning or checking up on your partner before going to bed.

That will make both you and your loved one feel heard and understood in the relationship.

You can start by asking those LDR questions.

“I’ve been in a long-distance relationship forever. I’m so tired of texting!”

Sometimes, you get tired of all that back and forth via text. Sometimes, you don’t want to wait for an answer and get over whatever it is by jumping on a quick call.

Texts can get lengthy and tedious when you are always on the go. Busy people rarely pay attention to grammar or spelling. They forget to use an emoji or a gif, and voila – what started as a stupid joke has now turned into a fight.

You guessed it – texts are powerful, and people fail to realize that having a conversation via text carries as much importance as talking face to face.

Texting will often be how you bond and become intimate in a long-distance relationship. But it has its shortcomings and tends to get tiring and boring.

Of course, nothing will ever be as good as having your partner in front of you watching their body language and reactions, but you can still be more attentive with your texting. And remember, sometimes, less is more.

Long-distance relationship texting topics and examples

Funny messages that will make you giggle

  • We’ll break the distance, but it will never break us!
  • I love you… The dots are for the love that’s loading, and it may take forever to complete.
  • Aren’t you tired? You’ve been running through my mind all day.
  • I see your face everywhere I go. Yes, the toilet too.
  • Can you FedEx yourself to me? I’ll cover the fee.

Messages for hopeless romantics in a long-distance relationship

  • You are the reason I smile every day.
  • I’ve got my mindset on you.
  • You are on the other side of the world, but no one else is closer to my heart than you are.
  • Tonight, I will fall asleep with you in my heart.
  • I fall in love with you every day, over and over again!

Flirty and sexy messages to keep your LDR hot and steamy

  • I crave you every day.
  • I wish you could knock on my door wearing nothing beneath your coat!
  • Every time the doorbell rings, I wish it was you.
  • I will do anything to kiss those lips as soon as possible
  • Do you know what I was thinking about? You, me, a fireplace, and messy sheets.
  • How about some Skype sex right now?

Cute messages that say, “I wish you were here.”

  • You are my entire world. Never forget that.
  • I’d be lying if I said you aren’t everything I think about.
  • Distance is not strong enough to break us.
  • Distance is a test, not a problem.
  • Good things never come easy.

“Good morning, beautiful/handsome” messages

  • You are my first thought in the morning, and it gives me the strength to go through another day without you.
  • I think this is true love. Not even a kiss and I still feel so close to you.
  • My biggest wish? To see you sleeping next to me every morning.
  • You are the only reason why I can function in the morning.
  • I’ve become a night owl because of you.

Final Long-distance relationship texting advice

Don’t be clingy

No one wants a partner obsessing over them 24/7. Yes, undivided attention sounds great during the “honeymoon phase,” but it gets old when someone monitors your every step. So, give your partner space to breathe if you don’t want to see them run for the hills.

Don’t fight over text

If there is a burning issue that you feel needs resolving right then and there, it might be a better solution to jump on a voice or video call. Things tend to get lost in translation when texting in an intense situation.

Don’t forget to say “Good morning” and “Good night”

Talking about the power of texting! I bet you feel great knowing you are the first thing on your LDR partner’s mind in the morning and the last thing before bed. Well, they feel the same, so don’t save on words!

Remember what matters

If you’re an avid texter, it’s vital that you “keep track” of the important conversations you shared with your significant other. Forgetting about their final project or an important job interview may leave them feeling unheard and unimportant to you.

Never assume; always ask

Assumptions are like poison to LDRs. Dry texting can get confusing and easily misinterpreted if you are not clear enough. Instead of jumping to conclusions, ask your partner for clarification or leave the conversation for a more suitable occasion.

Break the routine

Sometimes, a random emoji, a funny gif, or a quick pic of the hot mess that you are at the moment can be enough to change things up and keep your texting interesting. Don’t be afraid to be your goofy self!

I am Jesse, a specialist in long-distance relationships. I have had quite a few great LDR with foreign men. Today I wnat to share what I learned over the years. I hope you will enjoy reading my tips about long distance relationships.

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