9 Long-Distance Relationship Apps for a Better Love

This long distance is killing you…

Being in a long distance relationship comes with its fair share of problems. There is the potential difference in time zone and the subsequent struggle to find the perfect time to catch up. There is a limited supply of fun LDR date and adventure ideas. Then you have the physical absence and so much more.

Fortunately for long distance couples these days, technology offers a solution to most if not all of the challenges faced. Mobile Apps for long distance relationships, in particular, have revolutionized how you get to run your LDR. If you are new to the setup or you are just looking for ways to bring you and your long-term long-distance partner together, here are 9 apps to try out.

9 best apps for long distance relationships

Skype Qik

When it comes to long distance apps Skype is sort of like that immortal and seemingly all-powerful hero for couples that shows no sign of being outdated. In fact, it constantly improves with things like Skype Qik making life easier for couples in long-distance setups.

This particular product allows sending video messages in addition to the video calls and messages. This is perfect for those says you want to talk but your schedules just won’t let you.


This one is unique but pretty awesome in that it simulates social media networks. You get to update statuses and photos and let your partner be up to date on all that is happening in your life. It also allows you to like and comment on each other’s posts. What makes it different? Well, it is just you and your partner there.

It also features a special function known as Thumbkiss. This sends little vibrations to your partner’s phone simulating physical touch. Yeah; it is ok to let your heart melt now.

LDR Care Package

gifts for long distance relationship couples

One of the most important keys to success in a long distance relationship is upholding romantic traditions and gestures like gifting. Sesame is one of the best apps for long distance as it allows you to send LDR gifts to your partner or LDR care packages to your partner. Just log on, pick a package, give the address, pay and wait for your beau’s 100 thank you texts.


This is not just sweet but also functional. It is designed to help you with functions like tracking the time you have spent apart. It could also be used to manage countdowns to future meetups.

In addition to these, Without comes with a variety of message templates and reminders to reach out. That way you not only constantly keep in touch but you always know what to say.

The Ice Break

One of the greatest challenges of LDRs is the fact that being apart makes it difficult to bond and get to know each other. That is where The Ice Break comes in. It has an interesting format where the app posts questions and you both get to share the answer. It is sort of like a group chat between you two and the program. It is really a great way to hang out and get to know each other better.


AmoLatina Review

AmoLatina is another great long-distance dating app with features ranging from video chat and live messaging to sending flowers and presents. It’s like a mix of WhatsApp, Sesame, and Skype Qik all in one.

Like The Ice Break, it’s the perfect app for those just beginning their relationship as the site allows members to get to know each other in a safe and secure environment.


WhatsApp is technically not designed specifically for LDR needs. However, it meets all of them in an amazing way. You get instant messaging with the ability to share photos, videos and other forms of media. It also offers free voice and video calls. All you need is to have a good internet connection. Finally, you get to share with your partner what you are up to through the app’s status update feature.


Writing sweet notes or reminders goes a long way in long distance relationships. It shows your partner that you are thinking about them and you still care. This app takes this lovely gesture to the next level by allowing you to send notes as doodles. These will pop up on your partner’s screen whenever sent making for an adorable surprise.


This is one of those LDR apps that is perfect for a couple that really values physical intimacy. Being physically away from each other can take its toll on this very important aspect of the relationship. We-Connect helps you salvage the situation by facilitating long distance fun time. It could be anything from sharing sexy pictures and video chats to remote control of toys.

Bottom line

All these apps for long distance couples are awesome. Whether it is sending a sweet note during your girlfriend’s workday or sending him a thoughtful gift for his birthday, they all make a huge difference. So if you feel that something has been missing in your LDR, download one of them. Heck, get all of them if you can and you will see how much positive change they will effect.

I am Jesse, a specialist in long-distance relationships. I have had quite a few great LDR with foreign men. Today I wnat to share what I learned over the years. I hope you will enjoy reading my tips about long distance relationships.

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