Signs of True Love in a Long-Distance Relationship

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Discover the signs of true love in a long-distance relationship and know if it’s worth the wait. Read on!

Signs of a Strong Long Distance Relationship

With long-distance relationships, the illusion of love is very easy to maintain. You and your partner are not exposed to each other long enough to pick out potential deal-breakers and pet peeves.

So how exactly will you know that what you have is the real deal?

How will you know that you are not just another one of those basic LDR couples that think they are in love but can’t sustain a one-on-one conversation?

And how can you be sure your partner truly loves you?

We’ll answer all of these questions in this article!

Is It True Love? How Do You Know If Someone Loves You?

You Look Forward To Talking To Each Other

Long-distance relationships are all about constant and consistent communication. You cannot be together physically, but this doesn’t mean that you cannot hang out and bond like any other couple.

The problem with phone calls, video chats, texts, and emails is that they tend to get redundant. However, for couples who have established a genuine bond, talking will not seem like a chore even though it has become a routine.

You Experiment With New Long-Distance Dates And Activities

Successful LDR couples do not let something as petty as distance stop them from having a fulfilling and satisfying relationship. I mean, what does a couple hundred or thousand miles have on true love, right? Strong and happy LDR couples will go all out on everything from cozy movie nights to casual walks and workouts.

You Have Healthy Fights Now And Then

Fighting healthy is necessary for the success and survival of any relationship. That applies to long-distance relationships too. Getting into these friendly LDR fights every once in a while ensures that you both have a chance to get things off your chest before they get toxic.

LDR couples who are truly in love have mastered this art. That means not only allowing occasionally necessary disagreements but also learning how to fight fair in your LDR.

You Both Have Something Individual Going On

If you and your partner are independent and can run your lives without unhealthy co-dependency, then this is a sign of real love. In infatuations, couples have their worlds revolving around each other, resulting in very unhealthy long-distance relationships.

To be on the safe side, get a hobby, or focus on your career so that the relationship is not all that is going on in your life at any one time.

You Have A Goal You Are Both Working Towards

All successful long-distance relationships are goal-oriented. Maybe you want to get married after you are both stable and settled. Or it could be that you intend to move in together or close to each other to facilitate a more physical bond. Having this to look forward to and work towards is a sign that you are both in love and committed to a future together.

Read our guide on how to turn a long-distance relationship into marriage.

You Have Your Friends And Family In On It

Whenever third parties such as friends and family are included, then things are getting pretty serious. Involving family members shows that you are both serious about the commitment and want to share it with your closest ones for the sake of accountability.

You Find Ways To Keep It Sexy

Intimacy is a major part of a relationship that is often ignored in LDRs. If you are really in love, you find ways to make it work despite the distance.

It could be anything from sending sexy photos to full-on phone sex. It all depends on how kinky you are willing to get. However, whether it is PG 12 or PG 21, investing in this aspect of the relationship is proof of real love and a deep bond.

You Make The Most Of Every Moment Together

Whenever you get a chance to meet up, you do not spend all your time sucking face and getting frisky. You take time to talk, get new experiences, and of course, spare some (not all) of the time for some intimate moments. If this describes your relationship, then your love is most likely real.

You Still Have A Cheesy Countdown System

That shows that you are still very excited to get to see each other despite being a couple for so long. It shows genuine love and desire to spend time together. What more could anyone want, right?

Signs Of True Love In An LDR?

One of the most frustrating things about being in a long-distance relationship is figuring out where you stand with someone you rarely get to see.

How do you know if that someone truly loves you? And what are the signs he misses you long-distance?

Well, in a healthy LDR, there are many subtle and overt clues that could tell when your partner is really invested and into you. Here are 13 of them that should help put your mind at ease.

He’s always telling you how much he misses you

They say actions speak louder than words, so a simple ‘I miss you’ may not cut it when it comes to long-distance relationships. Although it’s nice to hear that your partner misses your presence, it’s even better when they actually make an effort and show it through their deeds.

If he prefers spending his free time with you rather than on his own, if he always tries to find new ways to keep it interesting like playing new long-distance games and watching movies online, if he shows interest in your personal growth and aspirations, chances are you are sharing a deep connection based on true love.

He’s always excited to talk to you

Nothing sucks worse than perceiving the lack of interest or enthusiasm in your significant other’s voice when you check in for that daily evening chat. If someone in an LDR is still in love and invested, then hanging out will never seem like a boring routine for them. They will always be excited to talk to you and spend time with you.

You are his priority

In long-distance relationships, time is a huge factor when it comes to ensuring success. You will know that someone loves you by the way they go out of their way to make you a priority. When it comes to visiting, hanging out, or even catching up, they will not give flimsy excuses to get out of it.

He’s always there for you

When you are in a long-distance relationship, ‘being there’ gets a totally different meaning. Of course, he won’t be physically present for every situation you find yourself in, but he can still find ways to show you how supportive he is of your life goals and decisions.

When your partner is always willing to hear you out whenever you have something to share, or he is aware that you have a personal life apart from him and he doesn’t feel threatened by it, then you are lucky for dating a mature and emotionally available guy who loves you for who you are.

He makes an effort to plan creative hangouts

Another way people show love in long-distance relationships is by coming up with creative and sentimental LDR dating ideas. It could be anything from a shared interest to something that they know you are passionate about.

If your macho beau is up for a video chat romcom marathon or your sports-free lover surprises you with tickets to a game, then you, my friend, have yourself a keeper.

He takes any chance he gets to see you

A big sign of true love in a long-distance relationship is when your significant other makes a continuous effort to see you in person as much as the circumstances allow him. He just can’t help himself, you are all he thinks about, and he longs for your physical touch, your hugs and kisses, your warmth.

Just like that ’90s evergreen says, “I drove all night to get to you…”, he will also go above and beyond just to see your beautiful face, even if it’s for a few minutes. Nothing compares to time spent together with you.

Every get-together is special

Another sign of true love is when the guy you are dating makes sure all your encounters are special and unforgettable. The distance can take its toll on a relationship, especially when you go through months-long stretches without seeing each other.

This is why planning your time together is very important. Not that you have to be on the go 24/7 and drain yourself, but you want to make sure every second counts, more so because your next get-together can be weeks, if not months, away.

He trusts you

Long-distance relationships come with their own set of trials and temptations, so your mutual trust will be put to the test quite often.

Honestly, trust is a cornerstone in any relationship, so being confident in the bond you share and in your partner can make you or break you as a couple.

If your partner is not unnecessarily jealous, doesn’t get overprotective, doesn’t doubt your decisions and whereabouts, isn’t bothered if you spend time around other men, his feelings for you are probably real and solid.

He addresses your relationship fears

Insecurities are more or less inevitable whenever we are away from the people we love, whether it is a weekend work trip or an LDR set up from dating a foreigner.

A partner who truly loves you will always go out of their way to address those concerns and reassure you. If they make you feel like you are acting crazy, then things may not be as rosy as you think.

You’re always up to date with his life

Good communication is an essential part of all relationships, especially those long-distance ones. If your partner goes out of his way to melt the miles keeping you apart and make you feel included and up to date with everything that’s going on in his life, there is a good chance he is serious about this relationship.

Men are not big on revealing too many details about themselves, so if your guy shares what happened to him on a random Tuesday or while he was doing the laundry, he is not afraid to get up close and personal with you.

He makes you feel special

Being in a long-distance relationship does not mean that you and your partner are off the hook for romantic gestures. In fact, one of the best ways to show that you truly still love each other is by making efforts to make each other feel like someone special.

It could be a sentimental gesture or a grand display of affection. All that matters is that there is the effort and the desire to put a smile on your face.

He keeps all the promises he makes

Breaking promises without giving you honest and logical explanations will eventually make you doubt the sincerity of your partner’s feelings. If he continuously fails to show up for your visual dates or takes a rain check every time he said he would give you a call, he might be having a change of heart about your LDR.

However, you shouldn’t jump to conclusions if this only happened once or twice. Life gets unpredictable sometimes, and if your guy makes it up to you and puts extra effort making sure you know he loves you, chances are, he really does.

You’re working towards the same goals

A long-distance relationship has no purpose if there is no endpoint to it. Being on the same page regarding important life aspects like marriage, kids, moving in together is an important factor that determines the success of a relationship.

If your guy talks about the future and you are always a part of his long-term goals and plans, take it as a sign of love and dedication. This is one of the clearest signs of true love in a long-distance relationship.

Yours Could Be A Long-Distance Relationship Success Story Too!

You can and will make your long-distance relationship work if you are willing to put in a little extra effort. It is also important that you both acknowledge the challenges of these arrangements and learn to adapt appropriately. That way, it doesn’t matter how far away you are from each other; you will find a way to make it work. For more information make sure to read How To Survive Living Apart From Your Spouse.

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