Exploring the Link Between Lifestyle Choices and Dating Patterns

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The experience of dating someone new always includes finding out about their interests and what kind of lifestyle they lead. Some people like to go out while others are homebodies. …

Exploring The Link Between Lifestyle Choices And Dating Patterns

The experience of dating someone new always includes finding out about their interests and what kind of lifestyle they lead. Some people like to go out while others are homebodies. Sometimes opposites attract and other times lifestyles are just too different to create a successful relationship. Below is a list of lifestyle choices and how they affect dating patterns. Take a look and see how your lifestyle choices may lead you to find the perfect partner. 

Dietary Restrictions

Learning what someone can and cannot eat is a big part of getting to know who they are. From allergies to intolerances to preferences, sharing the same dietary restrictions affects the dating experience for many people. For example, someone who is a vegan may have a hard time dating someone who loves meat because not only will they have issues finding restaurants that suit both of their needs, but they may also have differing opinions about the world. 

Dietary restrictions like allergies and intolerances also have an impact on couples and who people choose to date because it limits their ability to cook for the other person. If someone is allergic to peanuts and the person who wants to date is an incredible cook who specializes in Chinese cuisine, this may be a problem.  This all depends on whether the non-allergic person likes the other person enough to show they care by adapting to their needs.

Values and Spiritual Beliefs

A person’s values make up a big chunk of how they choose to spend their free time, what they believe is right, and who they hang out with. There are many dating apps that allow users to display their religious beliefs on the app as well as answer prompts that may indicate where their political and social values lie. If you have deep religious beliefs and you see the profile of someone who identifies as an atheist, this may sway your decision to match with them or not. When people begin to seriously date, these topics come up in conversations a lot, especially if a couple is planning on having children. The values and beliefs a person wants to instill in the next generations can deeply impact who they choose to have children with.

Exercise Habits

Going to the gym or playing sports in your free time is something that many people choose to do but there are also many people that do not enjoy that kind of physical activity. The exercise habits of a person differ in degree, but a person who enjoys going to the gym every day is more likely to meet a potential partner there than to meet someone elsewhere who does not go to the gym at all. Likewise, if a person belongs to a running club or a sports team, they may gravitate towards people in those groups to date rather than search for a partner outside of them. 

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The link between lifestyle choices and dating patterns is clear once you break down each individual lifestyle choice, if you are looking to start dating, analyze the choices you are making in your life and see how those may affect the way you choose people to date.

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