8 Easy Habits Of Successful Long-Distance Couples

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Adopt these 8 easy habits of successful LDR couples to strengthen your love & grow closer. Start now!

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The one thing that we can all agree on is that long distance relationships can be great but are not easy. It is well-known whether you have been in such a relationship or not. However, this is not the only undeniable fact. The second truth is that LDR’s can work. There are many successful couples out there that are a testament to this including celebrities, global leaders and everyday folks like us.

So how do they do it? How do they navigate the very tricky waters of long-distance dating without falling apart? Here are eight answers to these questions and lessons that you can learn from successful long-distance couples.

What you can learn from the ‘experts.’

Constant and consistent communication

If you feel like you call or text too much then you are doing it right. The fact that you do not get to spend a lot of physical time together means that you need to find a way to compensate. Nothing works better than online flirting. You can call, text, write letters, send photos or whatever else it takes to make you feel connected to your beau.

It is not only important to have a lot of communication but also to be consistent with it. Do not be one of those couples that reach out non-stop for certain periods then disappear. Regularity is key.

Tech, tech and more tech

A good long distance relationship should be polyamorous arrangement including you, your beau and whatever long distance relationship gadgets out there that can help bring you two closer. That includes the cameras that allow you to capture moments you spend away from each other. It includes the phones and laptops that allow you to talk and technically see each other despite the numerous miles separating you.

It could even be virtual reality gadgets that allow you to explore new worlds together if that is an investment you are willing to make. The bottom line is that for long distance to work technology will have to be your friend.

Invest in face-to-face interaction

Plane tickets might be costly, but they are worth it. One thing that most if not all successful long-distance couples have in common is their willingness to invest in spending time together. Which means planning regular physical visits and constant back and forth traveling. It is important as calls, texts and virtual dates can only hold the relationship for a while.

Establish a routine and stick to it

Something else OG long-distance couples have taught us is the importance of routine. It creates a sense of stability that is very important when it comes to sustaining the relationship. Have a communication routine where you plan for things like video calls. Have a dating routine where you set up long-distance dates on a regular. Finally, have a schedule for physical trips to either person’s location

…but don’t ignore the value of spontaneity

Routines are great but if that is all that your long distance relationship is built on you will be in trouble. Another great tip from successful LDR couples is the power of spontaneity. Plan a surprise trip, send an unexpected flirty text or even get a gift delivered to your significant other. These random and unexpected displays of affection are what keep the romance alive in these types of relationships.

Work on yourself as a separate entity

People in successful long distance relationships also demonstrate a strong sense of independence. They love their partners and invest in the relationships while also taking the time to invest in themselves as individuals. It is an important lesson to learn if you are in such a relationship or about to enter one.

Take the time to discover and work on your interests. That will make it a lot easier for you to deal with all the challenges involved in long-distance dating.

Learn the art of trust

You will need to give the benefit of the doubt if your long distance relationship is to work. One thing that is evident from other people’s long distance arrangements is that insecurities are inevitable. The important thing is that you do not let doubts consume you. Address whatever questions you may have and most importantly learn how to trust your partner. If you can’t then it will not work out for you.

Have the end in mind

Another great lesson from these successful couples is the importance of having an end goal. An understanding of an end goal helps make going through all your LDR trials easy as you know that in the end, it will pay off. It could be that you plan on moving in together eventually. It could also be a more serious and lasting commitment like marriage. Just make sure you are on the same page about it.

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