How To Treat Your Girlfriend On Her Period Long Distance

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Support your long-distance girlfriend during her period with our thoughtful tips and advice. Learn more!

How To Treat Your Girlfriend On Her Period Long Distance

When your girlfriend is on her period, and you are miles apart, it is hard to comfort her when you know you cannot be physical with her at this moment. Do not fret, there are ways you can make your girlfriend more comfortable from a distance. Most of all, just being there for your girlfriend is the most important thing when she is on her period.

So, if you are wondering:

  • what to say when your girlfriend is on her period long distance?
  • what should a guy do when a girl is on her period long distance?

Let’s get into actionable steps you can take to make her week feel better because she will truly appreciate it.

Call her

A simple phone call can make all the difference to her day. Give her a phone call or video call, and let her know how much you appreciate her.

A good way to distract her is to talk about positive memories that you have had together. Keeping the conversation positive will help her keep her mind off things.

Keep track of her period

Keeping track of your girlfriend’s period will be a nice gesture. It’ll also give you a heads-up when she will be on her period next. There are plenty of free period apps you can use.

By knowing her period, you could send her gifts or a letter in advance to reach her in time. It’ll also give you a heads-up on her next monthly period.

Send her a comforting gift

Now that you have a period app to track her period, you can send a small gift in advance. One of the most popular long-distance gift ideas is Open When Letters. Simply write up a bunch of letters for her to open for when she feels sad, happy, anxious, joyful, grateful, and more. It is a unique and personable idea than your normal gift, and it is low cost!

Another great idea is to recruit a friend or relative of hers to buy chocolate or flowers and give it to her. She will surely appreciate the present coming from someone she knows and not a stranger. Simple little touches like this make all the difference.

Text her sweet messages

Randomly send her sweet text messages that will brighten her day. If you are stuck as to what to text her check out these creative LDR texting ideas. She may seem distance (physically, of course, but I mean mentally in this case). Let her know that you’ll always be there for her, compliment her and when in doubt, send memes.

If she is up for it, try out these fun card games with her to keep her distracted.

Watch Netflix together

It’s time for a Netflix party! Okay, not an actual party, because let’s be real, your girlfriend most likely does not want to party right now.

As part of our virtual date ideas series, having a Netflix party together is a chill way to spend time together. The chrome extension allows you to watch Netflix at the same time without delay. So sit back, relax, grab the popcorn out, and enjoy your favorite series or LDR movie together.

Deliver her favorite food

If you live in the same country you have the power to send Uber Eats, Deliveroo, and other food delivery services straight to her door. You can also try to send food from another country, but that may be something you would have to test out.

It is good to give her a heads-up before you send her a meal; otherwise, she will think a random stranger accidentally send food to the wrong address!

Send the best local restaurant she loves or her favorite cultural-themed food. I will tell you from experience good food is my best friend when I am on my period!

Be the positivity she needs

She may seem distant and moody right now, but the little sweet actions you do and just being there for her are more than enough. No matter how hard it may get (this applies to the entirety of the long-distance relationship), it is important to always emit positive vibes and try to keep the mood uplifted.

Understand that a lot of emotions and hormones come into play

When a girl is on or before her period she may experience PMS symptoms. According to HealthlinePMS is a collection of physical and emotional symptoms that start a week or so before your period. It makes some people feel moodier than usual and others bloated and achy.

Just by reading that statement, you can see that it affects people in different ways. So, it is good for you to understand that your girlfriend may or may not be affected by PMS. If she is, it is important to realize that she may take her frustrations and irrational mood onto most likely does not mean to do this, though!

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