25 Long Distance Relationship Movies To Watch Together

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Cozy up & watch these 24 LDR movies together, keeping the romance alive no matter the distance.

Best Ldr Movies

Are you looking for affirmation that love can beat all odds, even if a couple is separated by distance?

Are you in a long-distance relationship and having difficulty figuring out if all the troubles and effort will pay off?

Watching long-distance movies in sync has always been one of the most beneficial LDR couples’ activities. It can be a great way to figure out what you are doing right or wrong in your relationship.

Break out the popcorn and get ready to dive into some sappy romance. Here are some excellent movies about long-distance relationships that can inspire you to keep going!

25 Movies about long-distance relationships

The Notebook

We open this list of best long distance relationship movies with ‘The Notebook,’ an unimaginably romantic story following two young love birds, Allie (Rachel McAdams) and Noah (Ryan Gosling), who come from entirely different backgrounds.

An interesting first encounter quickly develops into a passionate summer romance. Unfortunately, with Allie’s parents desperately trying to separate them and Noah being sent to war, their love is to stand the test of time and distance.

Sleepless In Seattle

If the term love at first sight describes a great connection between two people that just met, ‘love at first virtual contact’ should be the definition of great chemistry passed through the wires.

‘Sleepless in Seattle’ speaks of an unusual love story that starts on the radio. Sam Baldwin (Tom Hanks), with the help of his son Jonah (Ross Mallinger), opens up about his feelings on a radio talk show that Annie Reed (Meg Ryan), a reporter in Baltimore, happens to be listening to and falls for Sam’s gentle soul.

You’ve Got Mail

Another Tom Hanks/Meg Ryan classic. There are not many on-screen couples who can make chemistry so believable.

‘You’ve Got Mail’ proves that technology gives love another dimension. Joe and Kathleen are two strangers who meet in an AOL Chatroom and soon start sharing everything about each other, except their identities. Little do they know that in real life, they are true archenemies.

Before Sunrise

What would you do if you found your soulmate but had to let them go after only one night together?

On the train to Vienna, American Jesse (Ethan Hawke) meets the beautiful Celine (Julie Delpy), a student traveling back to Paris.

A few hours of conversation is enough for Celine to take a leap of faith and follow Jesse in Vienna. The night spent sharing experiences and exploring their perspectives on life makes them realize that it will be hard to say goodbye in the morning.

Wife Swap

Wife Swap showcases diverse family dynamics through temporary exchanges, sparking discussions on values and communication for long-distance couples. This thought-provoking show fosters meaningful dialogue, offering insights to bridge the gap. Explore streaming platforms or online services to find where to watch Wife Swap and use its insights to strengthen your bond despite the distance.


Lies and war are two things that can keep a couple in love apart. This British period drama tells the story of two young lovers, Cecilia Tallis (Keira Knightley) and Robbie Turner (James McAvoy). Briony (Saoirse Ronan), jealous of her sister Cecilia, tells a notorious lie that sends Robbie to WWII. Will their love stand the test of time and distance?

Dear John

When army officer John Tyree (Channing Tatum) returns home for the summer, he meets the stunningly beautiful Savannah (Amanda Seyfried).

However, destiny gets in the way of another touching love story when John is deployed again. Through love letters, the storyline takes you through seven years of facing the hardships of maintaining a long-distance relationship in an old-fashioned way.

Going The Distance

Talking about using modern technology to keep the spark alive! ‘Going the Distance’ is a modern romantic comedy that follows Erin (Drew Barrymore), an up-and-coming journalist, and her hometown sweetheart Garrett (Justin Long).

The burning passion of a new relationship makes them believe they can maintain a healthy relationship while staying on the opposite side of the country. However, things quickly become intense when both get big career breaks.

The Lake House

‘The Lake House’ is quite an unusual long distance relationship love story. Alex (Keanu Reeves) and Kate (Sandra Bullock) don’t need to break the distance; they face something seemingly impossible to break – time!

People say connection doesn’t care about the laws of the land. Souls always move where they belong. Alex and Kate’s lake house mailbox seems to be a portal to heaven that proves just that.


With Christmas just around the corner, Sarah Thomas (Kate Beckinsale) and Johnatan Trager (John Cusack) open the season of miracles.

After experiencing a surreal connection, they decide to test destiny to see if they are meant to be together. Years go by, and neither of them can forget about their serendipitous encounter, so they decide to give fate another chance. It’s the perfect movie for a long-distance movie night!

The Time Traveler’s Wife

The title sounds like a science fiction movie, but in reality, it’s a beautiful love story with a little twist.

Henry DeTamble (Eric Bana) is a time traveler with the ability to revisit the past and the future. He meets Clare Abshire (Rachel McAdams) in the library but soon realizes she already knows a lot about him.

They fall in love and get married, but spending time waiting for Henry to be back from his time-travels puts a lot of stress on their love.

Long Distance

Young LDR couples will relate to this modern romance. ‘Long Distance’ is a YouTube Red series with a young adult vibe.

Gaby (Chachi Gonzales) and Chris (Cayden Boyd) face all the obstacles distance can give them. Realizing it takes a lot of trust and communication to keep their love alive, they search for better ways to save the relationship.

The Other End Of The Line

How far is too far? ‘The Other End of the Line’ tells a super-romantic story about what we are willing to go through to find true love.

Oceans apart, with thousands of miles between them and huge cultural differences, Priya (Shriya Saran) and Granger (Jesse Metcalfe) are trying their best to bridge the gaps and figure out if it’s worth the trouble.

Like Crazy

‘Like Crazy’ gives you a clear picture of what it means to experience love with a different passport. It’s a great pick for your next long-distance movie night if you understand the struggle!

Anna (Felicity Jones) is a British exchange student in L.A. she meets and falls in love with Jacob (Anton Yelchin).

As their relationship develops over the semester, Anna decides to violate her student visa and stay behind. A visit home stops her from re-entering the U.S., and they have to fight the distance, the ban, and different time zones.


‘Her’ is not your typical long-distance narrative. Shortly, Theodore (Joaquin Phoenix), an introverted writer, forms an unlikely relationship with Samantha, an operating system created to meet all his needs.

As Samantha’s artificial intelligence evolves, so does their relationship. That brings up the question: Is loving someone with no physical presence fulfilling and satisfying enough?

One day

After seeing this heartbreaking love drama, you’ll learn to value your relationship and remind each other of your blessings.

The two college friends spend their first night together as the film opens. That reveals a sequence of incidents that continue into their adult life.

We see them on the same date every year, but our two protagonists are apart for most of those years. The way the tale finishes is very unexpected.

Kissing Booth 2

The narrative of high school student Elle is followed in this Netflix original. After enjoying a lovely summer together, Noah and Elle struggle to maintain their connection while balancing the challenges of Elle’s senior year.

It’s a cute, contemporary take on youthful long-distance relationships.

An Affair to Remember

On a voyage from Europe to New York, USA, a man and lady fall in love. Both agree to meet up six months after that trip at the top of the Empire State Building, despite being engaged to other people.

Due to an unfortunate tragedy, she cannot attend the reunion, and he worries that she has either married or lost interest in him.

Message in a Bottle

Journalist Theresa Osborne finds a bottle in the sand while out for a morning jog on the beach. She discovers a devastating, anonymous love note inside.

Osborne finds the letter’s reclusive author, the jaded widower Garret Blake, in the Carolinas after her newspaper publishes it. But as Osborne falls passionately in love with Blake, she struggles with guilt about the true reason for her trip.

Forget Paris

While waiting for their married friends Ellen and Mickey to arrive at a restaurant, a group of friends tells Andy and Liz, a soon-to-be-wed couple, about Mickey and Ellen’s relationship.

The airline loses the coffin as NBA referee Mickey goes to Paris to commemorate his father. Ellen is the employee assigned to assist Mickey. The incident unites them, yet a lot of factors pose a threat to split them apart.

Always be my maybe

Childhood sweethearts split up, go 15 years without speaking, and only get back together as adults when Sasha stumbles into Marcus in San Francisco. The couple’s worlds are very different, despite the old sparks still being present.

The fact that Always Be My Maybe is longer than it needs doesn’t diminish the movie’s lighthearted humor, adorable romance, or potentially emotional moments.

The Last Summer

The Last Summer is a collection of interconnected stories that follows a bunch of recent high school graduates as they negotiate their final summer before leaving for college.

The kids finally decide who they will be and what they will do as they approach adulthood as they struggle with love that has been lost and recovered, develop friendships in unexpected places, and gain more autonomy in their interactions with their parents.

10,000 Km

Alex and Sergi are two people in love who live in two flats, one in Barcelona and the other in L.A. This couple is separated by a continent, a year, and must rely on technology to maintain their relationship.

The plot follows the couple as they maintain their connection through video chats, phone conversations, and emails. This narrative centers on a unique romance where everything is captured on camera and where communication and monitoring are rife on the internet.

Face 2 face

A young misfit contacts his childhood friend during video chats but discovers that she is hiding a frightening truth under the surface of her popularity and seemingly flawless life. And in a year’s time, they re-connect and finally open up to one another about their most terrifying secrets.

Sweet and Sour

The film centers on Jang Hyeok and Jung Da-eun, a long-distance couple who fall in love after Jang accepts a new employment opportunity. Their once-sweet relationship transforms due to the distance’s several negative effects. Jang encounters temptation in his new position when Han Bo-yeong, a coworker, expresses interest in him.

How to watch movies together long-distance

Here are some of the finest strategies for watching a movie with your significant other online:


This fantastic business was created with long-distance spouses in mind. One of the reasons for this is that it includes a function that enables you to select any movie from your computer (laptop, desktop, tablet, or phone), play it in the Syncplay application, and view it simultaneously.


Watch2gether is a fantastic video synchronization tool that is quite simple to use. Users may view videos and movies from several prominent websites on the internet without having to register.

To make a room, you need to visit the watch2gether website, create a temporary tag name, and then select the “create a room” link or button on the home page.

When you’re finished, you may add your significant other (after they’ve made a user name on their end).

Once together, you may view movies on well-known websites like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Amazon, and Facebook. With Watch2gether, you may communicate with your lover while the two of you watch the movie of your choice.


Although there could be a slight learning curve, this option is worth it. Kast users can access movies from all widely used online video (and movie) platforms.

You can choose to use sites like Netflix and HBO and watch movies together on well-known websites like Youtube and Vimeo.

Because Kast enables you to share your open browser with the website and movie you wish to view with your partner on the other end, you need one of you to have a Netflix and HBO membership.

Netflix Party

There are two things you must know about Netflix Party:

  1. It is only available on the Chrome browser. Working just using the Chrome browser has pros and cons. The Chrome browser is a pro since it has fewer “kinks” than other browsers (such as Firefox and Explorer), making it a better browser.
  2. Netflix-specific programming (Service). It is advantageous since Netflix has an enormous film catalog, so there is never a shortage of enjoyable content to watch.

If there are long distance relationship movies that you and your loved one want to see that are available or playing on other online movie streaming services but not on Netflix, this is a con.

Sync Watch

Through Chrome and Firefox, customers of the free movie streaming service Sync Watch may sync movies from different places.

You must register with the service to utilize Sync Watch, even if you are not needed to create any user name.

On the bright side, though, Sync Watch offers a virtual room unique to you and anybody you want to invite to your room after registering (that is also registered with Sync Watch).

The fact that Sync Watch is compatible with all of the main video (and movie) streaming services is another benefit. The ability to save movies in your virtual room is Sync Watch’s biggest feature.

Plex V.R.

With Plex V.R., you can watch futuristic movies online and feel like you’ve “arrived in the 21st century.” You must have a virtual reality headset to use this streaming service.

One of Plex V.R.’s most outstanding features is that once configured, it places you and your partner in a virtual reality room and allows you to view a movie together from separate locations.

With the help of this service, you will be able to communicate verbally and in real-time with your spouse as you both relax on a couch in your virtual living space and watch the movie of your choice.

Are You Ready to Watch Movies Together?

While Hollywood-style long distance relationship movies can give you a taste of what it’s like to be in a long-distance relationship, they don’t always depict reality.

They can be great fun, and you can watch movies long distance to learn about trust and communication. But remember, they are only movies. Real life requires a lot more effort and patience.

We hope these ideas for your next long-distance movie night help you keep the spark alive! If you are not so much into movies, then we listed more long distance date ideas for you.

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