Famous Long Distance Relationships: What You Can Learn From Celebs

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Learn from celeb LDRs and find out what works for long-lasting love. Discover their secrets today!

8 Celeb Tips for Maintaining a Healthy LDR

If celebs can do it, so can you

If you are in a long distance relationship, then no one needs to tell you about all the struggles LDR couple should know. The good news is that you and your partner are not alone and there are many couple goals out there for you to learn from. Celebrities, in particular, have a way of making their LDRs work better than any normal relationship could despite their distance and hectic schedule.

That too could be your story if you read these eight famous long distance relatiships rules of online dating tried and tested by the stars.

Pro LDR tips from the stars

“… facetime and phone calls…” – Kevin Wendt

This Canadian heartthrob fell in love with Bachelor Nation alum Ashley I. on the spinoff show Bachelor Winter Games. He believes that what kept their relationship going while it lasted was constant communication. He would always call, and video chat with his beau even when she was busy. That is important in LDRs as it keeps things interesting and keeps you and your partner constantly connected.

“For every single night he’s away he leaves me a love letter.” – Nicole Kidman

Small romantic gestures go a long way according to A-list actress Nicole Kidman. Because of work commitments, she and her husband were apart a lot. To make up for this, her prince charming would leave lovely little notes and letters; one for each night he was away. You do not have to do the same thing for your LDR partner. Figure out something sweet that will make him or her smile and feel loved.

“… always try to make sure to see each other.” – Sarah Hyland

Many celebrities in the long-distance relationships have rules on how long they can bear to stay away from each other. For most of them, two weeks is the limit. It applies for celeb couples like Prince Harry and Meghan, George and Amal Clooney as well as Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams.

If you do not have pockets as deep as these stars, then this might not work out the same. However, it is still important to ensure that you have a reasonable time limit between physical visits. That way you both have something to look forward to and to keep you going through the tough times.

“Don’t censor yourself and just be open.” – Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler tasted the not so sweet life of long-distance dating when the latter had a project to film in New Zealand. The two swear by complete honesty and vulnerability as the answer to most if not all LDR problems. That couldn’t be any truer. It is important to be unapologetically open about your feelings in such a situation. It is truly the only way to make sure that your partner knows what you expect and what could make you unhappy this way you also avoid fighting in your long distance relationship.

“… share moments…” – Khloe Kardashian

Just because you are hundreds or thousands of miles apart, it doesn’t mean that you cannot hang out. That is what video chat services are made for. You get to do ordinary things like watch TV together, do LDR activities or games, have cook-offs or even work out without being in the same location. It is something that worked for Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson.

“… we text a lot and send photos of feet…” – Clare Danes

Being cute and silly is another great way to spice things up in an long distance relationship. It is ok to not act your age every once in a while. Send him a photo of you makeup-free with a funny pose. Or send her a photo of the Armageddon-proportion mess you made in the kitchen as you attempted to make some French toast. These light moments help strengthen your bond as a long distance couple, it is a great way to be more loving and affectionate with your partner.

“A lot of trust…” – Bryan Greenberg

Bryan and his A-list actress wife Jamie Chung are another pair that make LDRs seem like a cakewalk. Their secret is learning how to trust one another. It is a skill whose importance in such setups could not possibly be emphasized enough.

“… can we just have sex, please?” – Kendra Wilkinson Baskett

Finally, it is important to give attention to the physical intimacy aspect of the relationship as Kendra Wilkinson so wisely points out. It is important as it assures both you and your beau that the physical chemistry is still on. Again, finances might prevent you from hopping onto a plane and visiting your significant other for a surprise booty call. However, if you are comfortable with it, you could try phone sex or sexting to keep things hot.

Those are the signs of true love in a long distance relationship! So make sure to follow what the stars say.

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