How To Handle A Long-Distance Crush

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Congrats, you officially have a long-distance crush. Now what?

Cupid’s arrows usually shoot out of the blue and hit you when you least expect it. That’s how many find themselves falling for someone so out of reach; they can’t even find their location on the map. 

But love is blind and makes you do crazy things. Suddenly, all you can think about is plane tickets and bus fares. 

 If an LDR sounds like the next logical step, here are a few things to consider first to handle your long distance crush.

Have You Confessed Your Feelings?

Is this a real thing, or are you just stalking them on the Gram? 

Say this is not one-sided, and your long-distance crush is aware of your existence. Have you come clear about how you feel? Have you had the chance to find out if the feelings are mutual? Could it work?

If you are to give your ‘relationship’ a chance, you better lay all cards on the table right from the start.

Do You Really Want This?

Long-distance might sound fun initially, but you need to know what you’re getting yourself into. Are you willing to commit to a person who lives halfway across the country/world? 

‘Does my long-distance crush like me?‘ may not be the right question to ask yourself, but ‘Is this what I really want?’ might just be. 

Just know that the moment you level up from a ‘crush’ to a ‘relationship’, making sacrifices will become part of your reality. Having a crush is fun, but a relationship comes with a dose of ‘seriousness’.

They Don’t Feel the Same

You came clean about having a crush on a long-distance friend, but they don’t feel the same. Now what? 

Well, don’t you think it’s better to know than have your feelings hurt? For starters, don’t take it personally. Long-distance relationships are not for everyone, many LDR don’t work out. If you don’t feel comfortable in the friend zone, maybe it’s time to cut all contact.

Absent Is Soon Forgotten

And once you cut all contact, you will be able to refocus your attention on something or someone else. Falling for someone who lives far away made you besties with screens and social media.

Now that you don’t have to keep the phone glued to your hand, it’s time to ‘lick some wounds.’ Take care of your heart. It won’t be easy, but you know what they say — out of sight, out of mind.

What If They Actually Like You?

But what if things get a different turn, and your long-distance crush is actually into you? They make you feel special and spend every spare moment they get with you. 

What’s the next step? Do you live oceans apart, or are they a few hundred miles away?

If you decide to ‘promote’ your long-distance crush to a partner, you’ll need to set a date for your next encounter. It’s a goal you’ll need to work on as a couple. Never seeing each other in person is not really an option, even with long-distance relationships.

Communication Is Key 

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of an LDR is communication.

It’s true; you have to talk a lot because, right now, that’s what keeps your relationship going. Plus, you’ll have to compensate for your bodies’ subtle communication that goes unseen. 

Throw frustration and pent-up energy unmet by the warmth of a real body into the mix, and voilà, you got yourselves in a new fight. 

Communicate! Express your feelings, needs, wants, and expectations. Don’t just assume that your partner can read minds. Read these long -distance relationship questions if you want to know if you are compatible.

Don’t Take It Too Seriously

When you are young, things change pretty quickly. Who knows where you’ll be in a few months, let alone a few years? 

LDRs require many sacrifices, plenty of communication, and commitment. It can easily turn into a burden unless the cornerstone of this relationship is true love.

If that’s not the case, the best long-distance crush advice would be not to take it too seriously. Go with the flow. After all, you can still be in each other lives without indulging in romance.

Enjoy the Beauty of a Long-Distance Crush

LDRs might look like a battlefield sometimes, but there’s something so beautiful about them. It’s probably the fact that despite all those fights, paranoia with cheating, unmet needs, and expectation, in the end, love conquers it all. If two people are meant to be together, not even the miles can come between them. 

If you are worried about your GF cheating on your then make sure to identify the signs she is cheating in a long-distance relationship.

Final Words

All relationships come with challenges, and so do long-distance ones. If you believe you have something real going on, take the leap. Don’t live to regret the things you could have said and done. 

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