Is She Cheating? Watch Out For These Signs When You Are in a Long Distance Relationship

Long-distance relationships are changing with the times, and social media has without a doubt had a huge impact. These platforms, and even affair and hook up dating sites and alternatives to Ashley Madison have affected everything from how we meet potential partners to how we document our romantic journeys.

One other significant way that social media has changed dating and relationships is by introducing us to the age of online cheating. It could be anything from micro-cheating to full-on infidelity.

If you suspect that she is cheating in a long distance relationship then here are a few signs that should help you confirm it.

Multiple accounts

Having multiple accounts is one of the most common signs that your partner is using social media to cheat on you. However, this does not mean that all people with multiple accounts are unfaithful.

The red flag pops up when your partner leaves you completely uninformed of these secondary accounts. If that is the case, then the chances are that you are getting played.

This would the first sign that your girlfriend is cheating on you in your LDR.

Private accounts

Most social media platforms allow you to hide your content from public view. Using a private account is a completely acceptable practice that is, like the multiple accounts, not always a direct sign of cheating.

The problem is when your partner has such an account and refuses to connect with you either by accepting your friend request or following you back. Leaving you completely in the dark on all their social media exploits is a sign that they have something to hide.

Many friends you don’t know about

If you have been with your partner for a long time, chances are that you know most if not all of their friends. That goes for both online and offline pals.

If your partner has a lot of friends in their romantic gender preferences that you do not know about, then you need to get concerned. More often than not this is a sign of micro-cheating.

Constant phubbing

Phubbing is what the cool kids these days are using to refer to phone addiction and subsequent snubbing of partners.

If your partner is always on social media, then there is cause for concern. Social media overuse usually leads to micro-cheating and later on full physical and emotional unfaithfulness.

Laughing alone while on the phone/computer

You know that incredibly annoying feeling when your partner keeps laughing at secret jokes on their phone without including you? Whenever you try to find out more, you get hit with “It’s nothing” or “You won’t get it.” In addition to being irksome, it is a red flag you should pay attention to.

Failure to acknowledge you as the significant other

We live in a day and age where if it is not on social media then it probably didn’t happen. The same applies to relationships.

You do not have to be that pair that is constantly posting couples’ photos together. However, acknowledging each other goes a long way towards making your relationship public.

If your partner avoids this without any good reason, then the chances are that your girlfriend is not only cheating on you but also cheating with you.

Ignoring your online activity

She doesn’t ever leave comments on your posts. She doesn’t like photos you put up. She acts as though you do not exist. Ignoring happens when your partner is trying to distance herself from you and this is something you should address.

Regular communication with a specific person

More often this is an ex, or a recent fling they swear is completely harmless. She might claim that the interaction is purely platonic, but there is a fine line between this and micro-cheating. Watch out for it.

Over-protective of their devices

If your partner’s phone/tablet/laptop is better protected than CIA servers, then you might have something to worry about. Over-protectiveness is another one of those signs that point towards the possibility that your partner is hiding something.

Any other unusual change in behavior

Sometimes the signs are not even related to their social media habits. It could be subtle changes in behavior like being distant, coming home at odd hours and numerous plans with people you don’t know.

Bottom line

One thing is for sure – online cheating is alive and rampant in this day and age. The good thing is that the signs are pretty easy to pick out.

If your significant other is showing one, more or all of them then you cannot afford to ignore the red flags.

Do some sleuthing of your own and then confront them when you are ready. That way you can get the answers you need to determine whether or not that is a long-distance relationship you want to end.

June 27, 2019