Bucket List for Long-Distance Relationship Couples: 79 Sweet Ideas and Fun Things To Do

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Strengthen your bond with our LDR bucket list of 79 romantic ideas and fun activities. Start now!

Ldr Bucket List

Keeping things interesting and exciting is not always easy when in a long-distance relationship. It requires extra effort from both sides to stay connected.

To help you out, I created this bucket list for long-distance relationship couples so you would never run out of things to do with your other half. So whether you are together or far away from each other, you will always have something exciting to do to keep the spark alive!

Things To Do for Long-distance Couples When You Are Apart

Apologize for something bad you did

While words can’t erase hurt, a sincere apology brings relief. It indicates that you regret and take responsibility for your actions.

Build a website

Building something together brings couples closer. The Internet is a great place to build something that doesn’t require a physical presence. Designing a website will give you the feeling of creating something together.

Create a digital shared photo album

Being at a different location is great for always having a new pic to share. Create a digital album where you both contribute pics and never miss a moment from each other’s lives.

Create a personal crossword puzzle

You don’t even have to know how to, just find a crossword puzzle maker website, enter words significant to your relationship and you as a couple, and voila – you have a personal puzzle.

Create a Pinterest account

Choose a topic you are both interested in, such as travel, cooking, movies, art, etc. You can also create different pinboards of your favorite pictures as a couple, pinning snaps from the places you’ve visited together and separately.

Create a timeline and predict your future together

Have a conversation about how you imagine your future, and write down the big events you’d like to happen. All you need to do is let time prove you right or wrong.

Create an e-mail time capsule

There is something so romantic about writing a letter. Thanks to technology, now you can write an e-mail or a bunch of them and send them to an account you created together. It will serve as a time capsule of your relationship.

Create to-do lists for each other

You might be apart, but there are still things to be done. You can make this as serious (paying bills, cleaning, grocery shopping) or as fun (taking a walk, starting a hobby, reading a good book) as you want it to be.

Create your dream home

Ready to settle down? Why not start by designing your dream home. This activity will let you see if your styles match or clash. It’s better to start making compromises sooner than later.

Go on a virtual holiday together

If going on a vacation is out of the question at the moment, you can always take a virtual holiday.  There are tons of websites of resorts, tourist attractions, and museums that offer virtual tours you can enjoy together.

Have a video chat

A video call can serve many purposes if you know what I mean *wink*. You can make video chatting as innocent or naughty as you please, but it’s always good to see your favorite face, isn’t it?

Have a workout challenge through Skype

They say that couples that train together stay together. Don’t allow the distance to stop you from breaking a good sweat with the one you love.

Have pillow-phone talk

What’s better than falling asleep to the sound of your partner’s voice? Pillow-phone talk can be a great opportunity for a sweet conversation or catching up on your days.

Have Skype or phone sex

Intimacy may be a problem in a long-distance relationship, but modern tech allows long-distance couples to bridge the physical distance gap and redefine how they experience lovemaking.

Learn new things about each other with these 200 Questions

You might think you know everything about your partner, but rest assured that these 200 questions show you there’s always something new to learn about each other.

Make an infographic for your relationship

Infographics are so much fun! Let your creativity flow and build a meaningful reminder of your relationship that will make a cute and virtual keepsake.

Make up your own “love” word

Can you imagine a couple in love that doesn’t call each other pet names? If you want to get away from the usuals such as honey, love bug, and sweetheart, you can always come up with a personal “love” word that will carry a deeper meaning only familiar to the two of you.

Plan a virtual date night

Yep! Say thank you to technology, and have a romantic evening! Set the mood, put some effort into looking good for your LDR partner, get some food, dim the lights and turn on the camera! It doesn’t take much!

Plan out your future together

LDR makes sense only if you see yourselves together in the future. Planning your future and discussing how you can end the distance forever is a great activity to learn about how you see your future individually and as a couple.

Play an online game together and get competitive

A little competition never hurt anybody, even a couple. Online and video games can stimulate your competitive spirit and pump some adrenalin into your long-distance relationship.

Play Charades over Skype

Skype and similar video services allow you to see your partner even when you are at different locations. So why not mix things up and play Charades instead of just watching a movie together?

Play Truth or Dare

This one doesn’t need much introduction. We all know what it is, so let’s just say that you can make it as innocent or as naughty as you want it to be.

Prank them

Online pranks seem to be a new way to pick on each other and let the world see it. Just don’t take it too far and turn it into a fight. Stay cute!

Quiz each other

Especially if you are both students, you can quiz each other and check if you have mastered the material. Or, you can find an online quiz and see who is faster and better prepared!

Read a book to each other

Reading to each other is another great idea for a pillow talk or when you want to tone it down and relax with the sound of your favorite voice in the world.

Read about the stars and what they have to say about your relationship

Are you both in astrology? Do you believe in horoscopes and zodiac signs? It can’t hurt to know what’s written in the starts for you as a couple, right?

Record a virtual tour of your neighborhood 

When you can’t visit your long-distance partner but still want to see where they are, you can ask them to go around their neighborhood and record the area.

Save those nice texts you received

Texting is a huge part of every long-distance relationship, and reading a few cute lines always puts smiles on partners’ faces. So why not save those nice texts and make them a keepsake of love thoughts.

Send a care package

Gather a few things your partner loves and ship them to their current address. It will mean the world to see how much you care about them.

Send a cute drawing or a handwritten love message

You can use an actual pen and paper and send a classic letter, or use your e-devices, come up with something sweet and heartwarming and let your partner know you are thinking of them.

Send each other music playlists

Platforms like YouTube and Spotify allow users to create their own playlists. Put together a list of songs that mark an important moment in your relationship and share it with your LDR lover.

Send video messages

Text and voice notes don’t always cut it. It’s better to send a video and show your partner what you are experiencing at the moment.

Send virtual hugs

Hugs are never enough! And when you can’t actually wrap your arms around the one you love, you can always send a virtual hug to warm their heart.

Send your scent

Take a piece of clothing (maybe some sexy lingerie), put some perfume on, and wear it. Then take a gift box and send this token of love carrying your scent to your partner.

Set goals for each other

People perform better when they feel loved, encouraged, and supported. Set goals for each other and let your partner know you believe in them!

Surprise them with a visit

Nothing can top a surprise visit! Nothing! After all, what’s better than having your partner in your embrace?

Take a free online class together and learn something new

Long-distance relationships take a bit more effort to keep them diverse and interesting. Learning something new together will bring you closer.

Take an online compatibility test

Take one, but don’t let it affect you too much if you don’t see the result you were expecting. Relationships are a lot more than an algorithm match.

Touch each other with LDR bracelets

Again, technology is AWESOME! These bracelets come in a pair, and with a little customization, you can send subtle “touches” to your partner.

Try out some of the internet challenges

Some are fun, some are silly, but you can enjoy this activity as long as no one gets hurt! Save the bloopers for later and laugh together.

Visit a museum virtually

As we already mentioned, many world-renowned museums offer virtual tours for free. No need to fly to Paris to visit the Louvre!

Watch a concert together

Many music groups and artist stream their concerts online for a small fee or completely free of charge. It can’t be good as in person, but it’s still a lot of fun!

Watch movies or TV shows at the Same Time with Watch2Gether

No need to skip on Netflix & Chill! Platforms like Watch2Gether allow you to simultaneously watch the same movie or TV show despite being apart.

Write a poem about your relationship

Writing a poem about your relationship is one of the best sweet gestures you can give or receive. So wake up your inner poet and let them know how much you love them.

Write them a song

Even if you are not a musical prodigy, you can still try and come up with a few love lyrics and tones for your LDR partner. 

Write down your love story

Long-distance relationships always have the best love stories, so why not write yours down?

Things To Do When You Are Together

Bake a cake or cookies together

A good bake-off will wake up your competitive spirit and give you something sweet to snack on later.

Binge-watch Netflix

Catch up on all the shows you missed or took a break from because of the distance.

Buy all the junk food you can and “pig out”

If it makes you feel good, buy it! Comfort food will make having your partner next to you that much better.

Go binge shopping

Binge shopping is another fun activity that brings out the good hormones and makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Go camping

If you are both adventurous souls and enjoy spending time in nature, camping can be a great bonding activity.

Go karting

Need an adrenaline-pumping hobby? Look no further, as long as you can both drive, of course!

Go to a concert or music festival

Dance and sing to the music of your favorite band/artist and let some of that pent-up energy out.

Go to a karaoke night

Karaoke can be a great date-night idea, especially if you love to sing and aren’t afraid of public performance.

Go to a museum

Visiting a museum is a classic one, but it can be a fun date if you play it right and see something you will both enjoy.

Go to a sports event

Seeing a game together is a must for big soccer (or other sports) fans, especially if you support the same soccer team.

Go to a sports pub to watch a sports game

If you can’t make it to the stadium/arena, you can still enjoy a game at the local pub. Make sure you don’t end up in a bar where the crowd supports the other team!

Go to the fair

There is a reason why Hollywood has so many movies set in a fair! It’s innocent, quirky, and fun!

Go to the movies

Movies are probably the most exploited date idea, but don’t let that stop you. You can still enjoy a good film and make out in the dark!

Have a breakfast, brunch, or lunch date

Who said dates are only fun at night? Invite your partner out for breakfast or lunch and see how much you will enjoy the change. Promise!

Have a romantic date on the beach

We have all fantasized about a romantic walk and a picnic at the beach (yes, boys too)! So, if you are near the water and the weather is nice, jump on it!

Have a walk on the city’s port

There is something so beautiful about walking on the shore/port, observing the water, and listening to the birds. Plus, the port makes a perfect spot for snapping awesome pics.

Recreate your first date (and have your first kiss again)

Retrace your steps and do everything you did on your first date. It’s very sweet, and you can see how much you have changed. 

Hike in a forest together

A hike through the forest (make sure there is a trail) is perfect for deep conversations and discussing your relationship.

Get to Know each other’s family and friends

Next time you are in town together, take your relationship to the next level and ask to be introduced to your partner’s friends and family.

Play LDR games

The Internet doesn’t lack ideas for long-distance relationship games. A quick Google search will give you all the inspiration you need.

Smile, laugh, cherish each moment together

People take simple things like laughing together for granted. Distance tends to remind partners how important small moments are.

Spend a night listening to music

Get a bottle of your favorite wine, set the mood, and dance the night away to your favorite melodies. Or just listen and relax together.

Spend a whole night talking

Modern living is not cut for great communication. However, the night is quiet and wise, so it’s great for meaningful conversations.

Take plenty of pictures together

Cherish every little moment you spend together and capture it with a great photo. You can use those photos to relive your happy moments together.

Teach them your language/words

If you don’t share the same nationality, being together is a great opportunity to teach them something fun or introduce them to your language.

Try out a specialty dish of each other’s region

Food brings couples together. If you come from different backgrounds, introduce your LDR partner to a dish you love, and they haven’t tried.

Teach them to cook a few of your region’s specialty dishes

If they like spending time in the kitchen, teaching them how to prepare a traditional recipe can be a great bonding experience.

Travel to another state or country

Doing things on neutral ground can bring a breath of fresh air to your relationship.

Try foods from different countries

Trying street food or unusual foreign recipes can broaden your food choice and polish your taste buds.

Visit an attraction park

Adrenaline and theme parks are so much fun. Laughing, screaming, waiting in line… you won’t want to leave once you get a taste of the adrenaline.

Visit the Old Town

Many cities have historic districts where you can truly get a feel of tradition, culture, and life in the past.

Workout together

Don’t you think seeing your partner’s sweaty body can be extremely attractive? Plus, you’ll help each other out at the gym.

Write each other letters to read when you are away

Write a few sweet letters telling your partner how you feel in your relationship and give them to read when they are away. You can also write “special occasion letters” to open on a birthday/anniversary.

I hope you enjoyed reading this long-distance couple bucket list. And I hope that phone calls, Facetime, and Skype sessions will become more exciting for you and your partner! If you want more ideas then check out our lastest post: How to Be Romantic in a Long Distance Relationship.

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