What Is Phubbing And Is It Ruining Your Relationship?

A year of questionable dating trends

2019 has been quite the year for lovers everywhere with all the interesting dating trends out there. With things like polyamory, ghosting, and micro-cheating to worry about, dating is now more like a walk through a landmine than a walk in the park.

One of the most annoying of these trends is phubbing. It is a fairly new term, but the habit is one that has been there for a very long time. Below is a little more about it and how it might just be that last straw that breaks your camel’s back.

What is phubbing?

Phubbing is a slang term made by combining the words phone and snubbing. It is where one person pays more attention to their phone than whoever else is in their company. You may be out on a romantic date, and your partner’s eyes are constantly glued to their screen. Or maybe you are indoors for a cozy night in and instead of focusing on the movie your beau is busy scrolling through their social media feed.

This annoying habit is more often than not associated with phone addiction. Other times it is your mind’s subconscious effort to escape what it perceives to be a boring situation. Whatever the reason is, there is no denying the fact that phubbing is a serious threat to any relationship.

Nine reasons why phubbing sucks

It is rude

If you want your partner to think that you do not respect them, then pay more attention to the phone than them. If you want to come across as a rude dirtbag, then you probably should keep it away.

It is annoying

There is truly nothing more annoying than having to keep repeating a statement because the person you are speaking to isn’t paying attention. Phubbing will get you into heaps of trouble because of this.

It interferes with healthy communication

Communication is all about attentive listening and speaking. You cannot listen if your attention is on your phone. And you cannot truly respond properly if you do not even know what the conversation is about. Bottom line, phubbing is a great way to kill communication.

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It makes your partner feel neglected

Putting too much focus on what is on your phone makes your partner feel like they are not a priority in your life. It may not seem that serious to you, but if there are underlying insecurities, phubbing serves to amplify.

It takes away from the quality of time spent together

Just because you spend quantity time together, it doesn’t mean that it is always quality time. One of the things that make a major difference is this habit. If you are constantly on your phone, then no amount of time spent together will contribute to strengthening your bond.

It blinds you to what is going on in your relationship

Phones have a way of making us dissociate from reality. You will end up so caught up in your emails or social media that you won’t notice the first signs of trouble in your relationship.

It promotes insecurities

Here we are talking specifically about insecurities related to infidelity. If you are constantly on your phone, it can get suspicious. Suspicions arise especially if you are constantly texting. Your partner may end up feeling like there is someone else in the picture which is never a good thing for your relationship.

It often leads to emotional infidelity

Sometimes these insecurities are founded on some degree of truth. This emotional infidelity happens if you spend a lot of your time on social media platforms. With all the beautiful women and handsome men around it may be easier for your eyes to wander than you are willing to admit.

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It is a real waste of time

There are so many other productive things you could be doing if you just put down your phone. Make a nice surprise dinner for you beau; create a sentimental DIY gift or whatever else it takes to make them feel special.


In a nutshell, your precious smartphone is a ticking time bomb waiting to blow your relationship into oblivion. The only way you can save the situation is by putting it down and paying attention to your partner. The last thing you want is to lose something good because you just had to like that photo or reply that not-so-urgent text.

November 19, 2018