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In today’s world, long-distance relationships are becoming increasingly common. Although many couples struggle to make them work, new tools have become available online, opening up new avenues of communication. Arousr …

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In today’s world, long-distance relationships are becoming increasingly common. Although many couples struggle to make them work, new tools have become available online, opening up new avenues of communication. Arousr is one such platform that can help you keep your 1 on 1 chat relationships fresh and alive.

Arousr model Anahathor has some tips to make your chats 1 on 1 with your long-distance partner trigger mental and physical connections. Let’s dive into the insights Anahathor shares in this article.

1. Be open and honest about your expectations

Honesty is the greatest policy when it comes to building intimacy in your long-distance relationship. You need to be honest about your expectations and needs. If you’re looking for a casual relationship and your partner is serious about something more, you need to set clear boundaries to avoid misunderstandings. Discussing your needs and desires might be uncomfortable but is easy with Arousr and models like me who are open-minded and don’t pass judgment. With us, all topics are on the table, and our clients always feel comfortable sharing their thoughts.

2. Make an effort to keep the conversation going

Long distance relationships can seem monotonous and lose their spark over time. You need to put in some effort to maintain an exciting and engaging conversation. One way to do this is through open-ended questions and interesting topics. Share news, talk about your day, ask your partner about their interests and hobbies. Use Arousr’s chat feature to add some spice to your mundane routine. We offer our clients various choices about how they wish to proceed with chat sessions. Exciting games, trivias can also be accommodated during chats.

3. Keep the energy levels high

Build an atmosphere of excitement and desire through flirty texts. Arousr’s chat feature allows you to send flirty messages to your loved ones without any baggage. Forgetting about all the stress around you, you can be relaxed and pampered with the gentle flow of words exchanged through chat. Touch of seduction and imagination are some things you can use to keep the engagement level of your conversation, even if it’s long-distance. Build their anticipation for the time you meet again by sexting with each other through Arousr’s chat.

4. Get comfortable talking about every aspect of your sexuality

Talking about sex has become less taboo in time, especially with the rise of virtual relationships. Anahathor explains how, with Arousr’s comfort and privacy, it’s easy to feel content discussing all sexual areas with me and other models on the platform. Discuss your sexual interests, desires, and fantasies. Sexting is a fantastic way to explore your sexuality within the confines of your long-distance relationship while keeping the intimacy alive.

5. Be creative with your expressions

When you are primarily communicating online, things can become static because of the limitation of text. Keep the conversation exciting by being creative with your messages. Anahathor recommends using voice messages and videos to keep the communication engaging. Arousr allows its clients to share media files and can even set up a video call with models for an immersive experience. Innovative ideas like playing games and watching movies together while video calling are also possibilities on Arousr.


Long-distance relationships require effort and dedication, but with today’s technology, this pressure has eased again. Arousr has considered the fact that people in such relationships lack physical touch and have tried to provide mental connection with models like me. Whether it’s sexting or video calling, Arousr provides a range of tools that allow couples to keep in touch and build intimacy. There is no better way to build and maintain that bond than by chatting 1 on 1 with your partners on Arousr.

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